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Borrowing money is extremely popular, which is why new companies providing payday loans via the Internet are constantly appearing on the market. Quick non-bank loans are the simplest form of financial support available to almost everyone immediately. Regardless of whether you have a job or debts, you still have a chance to get a loan. The offer of payday loans on the internet is very wide, which is why we invite you to our list of the best online loan companies .

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Enter the amount of money and time to pay off

Use the sliders to choose how much money you want to borrow and enter the repayment time. In addition, you can narrow down the results, e.g. only payday loans for free, without BIK, available during the weekend or in installments.

Choose a payday loan from matched offers

From the ranking of payday loans matched to your inquiry, select an offer and click "Take a loan". You will be redirected directly to the lender's website.

Fill out the application and confirm your identity

On the lender's website, complete an application for a payday loan. Enter your personal data in the form and confirm it, for example, by bank transfer or a special application provided by the lender.

Expect a decision to grant payday loans

After confirming his data, the lender calculates according to individual criteria whether and how much he can lend you money. You will receive the answer by e-mail or mobile phone.

TOP 7 payday loans

Finding the best payday offer online is a time-consuming process. Save your time and check our ranking of payday loans online . We have collected offers from top loan companies operating online, so now borrowing can be even more convenient and cheaper because we compare payday loans according to the most important parameters in one place.


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Fast Cash

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The online payday market is very wide and there are more offers every day. Instead of looking for yourself by jumping on different pages, use our loan comparison website and save time.

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By using the comparison engine, you will get to know the best payday loans online collected by experts. You can count on the most popular among them, which have already been used by many customers.

Customers opinion

The best advisor when choosing an online loan are customers who have already used the offer. The experiences that they share on the pages of the portal may be helpful in making the decision "Which one to choose?".

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Opinions about payday loans online

I recommend !!! The first 6,000 are absolutely free and fast. The money was transferred to my account very quickly. I didn't have to arrange any complicated documents or certificates. I'm happy.
Black recommends Fast Cash on April 8, 2019
If you know that you can pay off your loan, why not use it? Sometimes the real situation is difficult and it's hard to cope with living on salary.
Chloe recommends Loan Vu 01/02/2019
I recommend, long repayment period in installments and without certificates, an offer better than ordinary payday loans
Everything was OK. Money quickly in the account, I recommend
Chloe recommends Nimgis on March 5, 2018
as advertised, clear application, fill up quickly, verification and I have money on my account!
Kaizer recommends CashGetty 30/12/2017
good offer, they gave a loan despite the entry in BIK, recommendable
Lory recommends a Smart Loan 02/12/2017

Offers of the 24 best payday loans

Payday loan online - what is worth knowing

Borrowing money in various non-bank entities is becoming more and more popular. There are many companies of this type on the Internet and new payday loans are constantly appearing, so customers can choose a loan that is fully tailored to their needs, both in terms of the repayment date and the amount. The most popular services offered by non-bank companies include the so-called payday loans, i.e. quick short - term non-bank loans , where it is enough to present an ID card. This name comes from the very short repayment period - the loan is taken "for a while". Repayment often takes place within days or weeks. As a rule, the maximum repayment period is 1-3 months.

Non -bank companies offering Guaranteed Payday Loans online are subject to slightly different legal provisions than traditional banks. To protect the interests of customers of these companies, a new so-called The anti-usury act , which entered into force in March 2016, specifies, among other things, the maximum cost of the loan, including the amount of non-interest costs, which were previously determined by virtually any method. Thanks to this, the client is much better protected in legal terms. Details can be found in the Journal of Laws .

Non-bank loans are financed from the own funds of non-bank companies, which is why, on the one hand, they are easily available online, on the other hand, you have to take into account that their costs are higher than bank loans. The popularity of online payday loans can be explained by the convenience of receiving it right away all formalities can be done online without leaving home. However, such convenience and high availability of a quick loan as proof may carry the risk of falling into the credit loop, i.e. problems related to subsequent loans taken without repayment of the previous one.

Rankings - how to find the best payday loans

Quick loans are offered by many non-banking companies. Currently, there are several dozen leading lenders on the market, and from time to time new ones appear, preparing an attractive offer for new customers without paying for a loan. Therefore, finding the best offer for yourself is not an easy task. The tedious browsing of the websites of each non-banking company separately can take up to a whole day. That is why it is worth checking the special ranking of online payday loans that can be found on our website - this type of statements show the potentially best offers.

The ranking of payday loans online allows you to compare the parameters of various offers in one place, which makes it much easier to choose the best option for yourself. The overview shows the most important information. The ranking highlights the name of the loan company, the availability of payday loans at the weekend , what amount can be received and what is the repayment time. Most companies also set a minimum and maximum age for the client. The upper age limit is determined primarily when payday loans are offered in installments . The youngest customers will receive payday loans from 18 years - they must have an ID card. Each company raises this limit individually.

There is a link to the lender's website next to the list. When the customer decides to take advantage of a specific offer, all he needs to do is click the "take a loan" button and he will be able to complete an application for a payday loan online on the lender's website. Before that, however, it is worth getting acquainted with a detailed description of how a given company grants loans and its proposed method of verifying customer data.

Payday loans without BIK - for those in debt

Fast non-bank loans are often chosen by people who already have loans. For people in debt, this is often the only way to borrow money. An example of such a payday loan can be a Smart loan . However, it should be remembered that with a very large debt or constant problems with repayment of liabilities, also a non-bank company may refuse to grant a loan.

Not everyone gives payday loans without BIK . Lenders that allow you to incur a financial obligation without checking the debtors' registers can be found online by browsing the list of companies without BIK verification . When deciding on such a solution, you must remember that the loan company has the right to check the data of a potential client at any time in other debtors' databases, such as: BIG, ERIF or KRD . It should also be borne in mind that due to the lack of restrictions related to the entry in such a register, the interest rate on payday loans is much higher than in a traditional bank, where restrictive verification of the customer's credit history is required, which often ends with a refusal to grant a loan at the bank .

When choosing online loans, you do not have to be afraid that the data verification will take a long time. The entire process takes place over the Internet, which significantly reduces the time needed to check the information provided by the client. Most often, the entire process of granting payday loans via the Internet, including the verification of the data of the person submitting the application, does not take more than several minutes.

Payday loans for free - promotions for new customers

What is the best loan online ? During the search, it is worth getting interested in payday loans for free . This option is possible if you are a new customer of the company. Lenders' promotions for new clients are intended to attract the attention of people interested in quick loans. The promotion is based on the fact that a customer who has not yet used the services of the selected company can do it the first time on preferential terms, for zero zlotys. In the case of the first payday loan online, the lender allows the customer to take it out at no additional cost - with zero interest and zero administrative or preparation fees. In other cases, preferential conditions for new customers mean, for example, zero interest and maximum low preparation costs (no more than a dozen or so zlotys). In such a situation, it may turn out that a non-bank loan is a cheaper solution than a loan taken from a bank.

It is worth emphasizing that only new customers have this option. Therefore, many people, when there is a need to take a short-term loan, direct their steps to new companies, i.e. places where they will be able to take advantage of the loan for free . However, this is not always a prudent act. Sometimes it is worth checking whether the company that has already taken payday loans does not provide an attractive loyalty program for its regular customers.

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* This information does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964, item 16, no. 93, as amended), they are only indicative and should not be used for other purposes. Binding credit or loan conditions will be presented by the relevant company or bank when concluding the contract.

Principles of responsible lending

Before we take out a payday loan, several important aspects should be considered. The payday loan should be used for a purpose that we cannot finance with our own funds. The amount of payday pay should be adjusted to our financial capabilities. We cannot treat payday loans as a regular support for the household budget, because borrowing for such a purpose may end up falling into a spiral of debts. Payday loan is a commitment that affects the entire family. Family members should know for what purpose it was contracted and when and under what conditions it will be repaid. Each payday loan should be repaid along with the costs specified in the contract (commission, interest, additional fees).

Late repayment - consequences

In the event of delay in repayment of payday installments, the borrower must take into account additional costs and formal and legal consequences. Pursuant to the payday loan agreement, the lender has the right to charge additional fees resulting from: the need to send reminders and requests for payment, debt collection, default interest in the amount of four times the NBP lombard loan rate . In addition, the borrower must take into account the possibility of reporting delays in repayment to the debtors database. Such notification may make it difficult or completely impossible to take out a loan in the future.

Consequences of non-payment

If the borrower does not pay the debt, the lender has the right to take steps to recover the loan amount along with additional costs. One of the options is to transfer payday loans for recovery.

Compliance with national loan laws

Quick non-bank loans (so-called payday loans) are granted on the basis of the Civil Code (Act of 23 April 1964, Civil Code, Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93, as amended). Some loan companies also comply with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act (Journal of Laws of 2011, No. 126, item 715). In this case, customers are presented with an information form specific to consumer loans.

APRC and fees related to the granting of payday loans

The APRC reflects the relationship between the total costs incurred by the borrower and the amount of the loan received. The definition and method of calculating the APRC is included in the Consumer Credit Act, which specifies in detail what costs are taken into account when calculating the rate. Due to the fact that the calculation methodology is identical in each case, the APRC is an objective tool for comparing different loan offers. When taking out a quick loan, you should take into account the following costs: a preparation fee, a fee related to the extension of the loan repayment period, insurance costs, registration fee (usually it is a payment of 1 penny to verify your identity), collection costs (reminders, reminders).

Rules for extending the loan

The borrower may apply for an extension of the payday repayment period. Typically, extending this period requires submitting an application and making an additional payment. The application for changing the repayment date should be submitted before the liability repayment date.

Portal activities

The portal runs a ranking of payday loans granted online. Experts reliably collected payday offers along with the most important parameters, thanks to which you can quickly and conveniently find payday loans tailored to your expectations and go to the website of a non-banking company. All offers come from companies operating in accordance with applicable regulations. You can read about the rules of operation of non-bank companies providing payday loans on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority . However, more about the portal's activities in the Regulations and the Privacy Policy .

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