10-Year-Old Sells Lemonade To Help Big Sister With Cancer With Her To-Do List

EAST PEORIA, Ill. (25 News Now/Gray News) – A 10-year-old from central Illinois has made it his mission to raise enough money to help his older sister, who is battling stage 4 cancer , to cross off an object from her bucket list.

Payton Wilkey’s 22-year-old sister has stopped treatment and is trying to live every day to the fullest, WEEK reported.

“We know our time is getting limited,” said Laura Wilkey, Payton’s mother. “One of his wishes right now is to take a trip to upstate New York, where my family is from, we used to go like every summer.”

Payton sells lemonade to help his family afford a week-long road trip.

“We don’t get much money, so I help my family so they have money,” the 10-year-old said.

Although he only sells each cup for 50 cents, Payton has already made progress towards his goal.

“Total so far with his lemonade stand, we’re down to about $220 in a week,” Wilkey said.

Wilkey estimates the July trip will cost $3,000, but that hasn’t deterred Payton.

“He was always the big sister’s boyfriend. I know it’s a lot for him to understand everything that’s going on, but if he can help, he wants to help,” Wilkey said.

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