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Magdalena Mazur

Financial expert, editor

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She graduated from the University of Economics. She specializes in credits, loans and payday loans that can be applied for online. He knows the principles of online offers and online applications and is willing to write about them so that anyone interested in taking payday loans online knows what to pay special attention to.

Recent publications:

Online payday loans

Loan companies use the advances of modern technology and try to make their clients' lives easier. Previously, such companies offered ..

Payday loans for 60 days

The loan market is dominated by payday loans, which have so far been granted with maturity in most cases.

Payday loans to the account

Payday loans have been available in our country for several years and have quickly become a beneficial alternative to cash loans ...

Payday loans without KRD

In most cases, loan companies check their clients against databases, thanks to which they gain knowledge about whether they are dealing ..

Payday loan at the customer's home

Before the era of quick online loans, payday loans at the customer's home were standard. Such loans are still available from several companies.

Payday loans with a bailiff

Bailiff seizure is not an obstacle to obtaining a non-bank loan. Payday loans with a bailiff are successfully operating on the market, ..

Payday loans for a statement

The process of verifying a customer applying for a payday loan does not have to be burdened with many formalities. Currently in the offers of companies ..

Payday loans without creditworthiness

The basis for obtaining a bank loan is creditworthiness, but not every customer has it. However, the lack of creditworthiness is not a problem in ...

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