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Payday loans as proof

Some time ago, in order to borrow money, we had to present an income certificate and provide a bank or financial company with information about our credit history. The loan was granted only after a positive assessment of creditworthiness and after determining the lack of indebtedness with other banks and institutions. Today, payday loans as proof are popular, which in many cases do not require any security in the form of a mortgage or other property, nor do they require guarantors. There is a risk for the lending company not to be underwritten as such consumer loans may be defaulted. In the case of such a loan, there is always definitely more money to be repaid than we borrowed. The ease of taking a payday loan as proof should not, however, obscure the issues related to the subsequent repayment of this debt. There is no doubt that despite the fact that such loans are granted in rather small amounts, ultimately each client has much more money to pay and this can cause problems.
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Payday loans as proof - what are they?

Loans granted only on the basis of showing an ID card, i.e. the so-called payday loans as proof, are quick consumer loans that are not subject to the Banking Act. In the case of loans granted by banks, the potential borrower must prove his creditworthiness and at the same time must also have a good credit history. Only a combination of these two factors will allow you to receive a loan. Payday loans for ID cards are granted completely differently. In some cases, such proof loans will require you to provide information about your income, or at least that you are employed. In others, however, there will be no such requirement, and the borrower will only be required to submit a declaration of income. The certificate and the statement are completely different documents. The certificate is a document from the employer that states the actual state of the borrower's income. The declaration, in turn, is a document containing only information from the borrower regarding employment and the possible amount of income. Today, payday loans via the Internet can be taken even without the above-mentioned documents. In some cases, all you need is an ID card. You do not need to have a certificate, statement and you do not need to have a good history in BIK, i.e. in the Credit Information Bureau. Payday loans without income certificates do not require tenants. In many cases, debt repayment is not secured with anything. On the one hand, such a payday loan is an ideal solution for people who do not have the ability to meet the stringent requirements of the bank, but on the other hand, the ease of taking such a payday loan has its drawbacks.

How to take a payday loan as proof?

To take a payday loan online, all you need to do is go to the website of the company that offers payday loans for 18 years , complete the application on this page and send it to the financial company. The company usually processes such applications within one day, sometimes it happens that we can receive a loan decision even within 15 or 30 minutes. In order to verify the bank account, the person applying for the loan is required to make a verification transfer. This transfer may amount to $ 1 or $ 0.01. This transfer is to confirm the borrower's account number. After the verification transfer is posted and after a positive loan decision to grant a payday as proof, the company transfers the money to the account number indicated in the application.
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Is the payday loan safe?

If you approach payday loans wisely, it will be safe. First of all, it is important to follow the basic safety rules when navigating the Internet. You have to log in only on secure websites, using your own computer equipment, never from computers in public places or at your friends' premises. Secondly, you need to carefully check the regulations of the companies that provide such loans. A payday loan with a low interest rate or easy to obtain evidence sometimes hides legal tricks in the regulations. Before you submit an application for a specific payday loan , check the final cost of such a payday without verification . The cost of a loan is the sum of the loan and all costs associated with borrowing this money. When taking a payday loan as proof, choose proven companies that are trusted by customers. Approach new loan companies that are not yet tested with caution. Of course, most of these companies can operate by best practice, but you can never be so sure, so be common-sense. Also, remember to check the ranking of payday loans online . If you do not have a permanent source of income, beware of payday loans without income, because they are easy to obtain, but such online loans can be difficult to pay off.
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Comments on payday loans as proof

And that's very good. No unnecessary annoying formalities. I understand that :)
mister 09/29/2019 11:55
and I believe that this is a very good method of taking out a loan. After all, everyone carries an ID card with them
callum 09-06-2019 17:26
On the one hand, this is a logical approach to the subject, and on the other hand, a bit strange. I wonder if it's just safe. Sometimes we give our data to people who do not know what they will do with it. Of course, this is one of the positive aspects of taking a loan.
colka May 23, 2019 3:42 PM
If you need money, what to do? You can use and take a payday loan, but you have to remember that you also have to give it back. With such awareness, one can approach this topic wisely.
Paula January 19, 2019 7:01 PM
Just do not give anyone your ID because they will take a payday loan in your name :)
Sarah Jan 12, 2019 18:17
In my opinion, everything is for people. It's good that there are opportunities to take such loans because many people can save a critical situation. I once took a payday loan for a new refrigerator. I paid back after the payment and there were no problems.
Basia November 29, 2018 18:34
sometimes it is dangerous. especially when someone steals your ID card.
Rafał on November 10, 2018 18:25
In my opinion, it is very convenient. Not everyone has an employment contract and not everyone can get a certificate of earnings immediately. For example, I have just such a situation because I work on a contract for specific work. I will not get a loan, and I will not get a payday loan.
kim 10-11-2018 16:51
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