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Online payday loans

Loan companies use the advances of modern technology and try to make their clients' lives easier. Previously, such companies only offered payday loans in their stationary branches - usually located in larger cities and towns. Online payday loans, i.e. non-bank loans granted entirely via the Internet, are currently the most popular. The statistical data show that as many as 84% ​​of Poles have access to the Internet, and thus, the Internet is now a powerful medium not only for entertainment and work, but also for shopping and concluding contracts - including loans and insurance. Online payday loans are addressed to all people who need to borrow money quickly, but at the same time want the loan to be as limited as possible and be easily accessible. Not everyone has a loan company around the corner, but most of us have an internet-enabled device, so we can easily apply for a loan without leaving home.

Online payday loans - characteristics

Payday loans available online are consumer loans granted by non-bank companies. In most cases, these companies do not have their stationary branches, although it happens that online payday loans are offered by a company that has stationary branches. As part of this type of loan, the customer can borrow from $ 50 to even 60 thousand. $, and the amount of the payday loan will always be closely related to other requirements and formalities. Usually, however, we are dealing with a payday in the amount of up to several thousand zlotys (3,000, 5,000 or 7,000). Such payday loans are usually granted for 30 days, but it is possible to extend the repayment date by 7, 14, 21 or 30 days, which, however, involves additional fees. Basically, the idea of ​​payday loans is very high availability, minimum formalities and a quick time to obtain money. The very term "payday loan" tells us that we can get money from such a loan in just one moment - very quickly and with only the minimum requirements. New online payday loans offer customers a number of amenities, including significantly liberalized rules for assessing loan applications.

Free online payday offers

Loan companies offer many variants of payday loans. Among the most popular types of payday loans, we can mention the following loans.

  • Free online payday loans - these loans do not require the payment of costs such as APR or other fees and are offered in virtually all loan companies, but only once for each client of the company - with the first contract.
  • Online payday loans without transferring a penny - loans without transferring a penny do not require a personal savings and settlement account (bank account), and confirmation of the compliance of the data contained in the application with the actual data of the loan recipient is based on the GIRO confirmation - collection at the post office and upon presentation ID card.
  • Online payday loans without BIK - in the case of these payday loans, customers are not verified in the Credit Information Bureau, which means that any debt or bad credit history does not affect loan decisions.
  • Payday loans for the unemployed are intended for people who are not employed anywhere and earn income other than gainful employment or do not earn any income temporarily.
  • Payday loans for 60 days (with an extended repayment date) usually assume the repayment of the liability in two equal installments, one in each month of the loan agreement.
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Advantages and disadvantages of online payday loans

Online payday loans have both advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantages are certainly the ease of borrowing money, clarity of the contract and limited formalities. A quick payday loan online can be granted only on the basis of an ID card - there is no need to present a giro or use liens. The customer applying for a payday loan only has to meet the basic requirements (similar in most loan companies), complete the application and wait for a decision, and pay off the loan within the set deadline. The high amounts of loans are also worth noting - the best online payday loans are granted in fairly high amounts, so they are enough for even larger expenses.

The short repayment time is certainly the shortage of payday loans online 24h - usually 30 days, but sometimes up to 62 days. Online payday loans are also undoubtedly more expensive than consumer loans granted by banks.

Online payday offers

Among the payday loans available on the market, you can find both micro payday loans in the amount of $ 50-300, as well as loans up to $ 10,000. The ranking of payday loans will certainly help in finding the right offer. The cost of payday loans always depends on the company. Usually, the APRC for the first (free) loan is 0%, but the second and subsequent payday loans in a given company may already have an APR of 9-300%. Some companies provide online payday loans to clients aged 18, but there are also those that set the minimum age at 21 or even 25 years. All the most important loan parameters are included in the online payday comparison engine , which we highly recommend.

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