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How it's working

The islandcrisis.net.pl portal works as a comparison of the best payday offers collected in one place. With the help of a loan calculator prepared by our experts, it is possible to adjust the offer to your individual financial needs. The most important parameters of the offers are the amount of the payday loan and the time to pay off. Additionally, you can choose whether you are interested in offers for new customers, etc. Everything is done in a few simple steps , see what:

Enter the amount of money and time to pay off

Use the sliders to choose how much money you want to borrow and enter the repayment time. In addition, you can narrow down the results, e.g. only payday loans for free, without BIK, available during the weekend or in installments.

Choose a payday loan from matched offers

From the ranking of payday loans matched to your inquiry, select an offer and click "Take a loan". You will be redirected directly to the lender's website.

Fill out the application and confirm your identity

On the lender's website, complete an application for a payday loan. Enter your personal data in the form and confirm it, for example, by bank transfer or a special application provided by the lender.

Expect a decision to grant payday loans

After confirming his data, the lender calculates according to individual criteria whether and how much he can lend you money. You will receive the answer by e-mail or mobile phone.

What is payday loan

New payday loans are appearing on the financial market, which are to be fully tailored to the needs of customers. A payday loan is a quick loan provided by non-bank companies. The name of this type of financial product comes from the very short repayment period. Currently, there are even such payday loans that must be repaid within one day from the moment of borrowing. However, as a rule, the repayment of the liability is from several days to several weeks. Usually, the maximum time to pay off the payday loan is 3 months.

It is worth noting at this point that the operation of loan companies is regulated by slightly different legal provisions than the operation of banks. The changes introduced in recent years in the legal regulations regarding loan companies have made it possible to increase consumer safety . Loan companies may already be inspected by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority . The regulations also specify the maximum amount of the costs of granting loans, both the interest rate on the loan and non-interest costs. It was the latter costs that were the most controversial. This includes, among other things, the high costs associated with monitoring loan repayments or fees for individual activities related to servicing the liability.

Payday loans are available to people working under civil law contracts, as well as those who have an entry in BIK or another register of debtors. However, on the other hand, when deciding on such a loan, you should take into account higher costs than in the case of a bank loan.

See the video on how the calculator works

Below we have prepared a video presenting simulations of searching for a payday offer on the portal. Watch if you have concerns or do not know how the loan calculator works. When searching for the best loan, we do not collect any personal data or require any confirmation of it. Only when you decide to get acquainted with a specific offer will you be redirected directly to the lender's external website with the application.

Conditions to receive a payday loan

Requirements for a person who wants to take out a short-term loan are kept to a minimum . All you need to complete the online application is an ID card - no certificate of employment or earnings is required. The application provides basic personal data: name, surname, address, PESEL number, number and series of ID card, contact telephone number and bank account number . Depending on the company, you must also provide the employer's data and the amount of earnings. The lender takes care of everything else. The best offers are easy to find by browsing our ranking of payday loans online .

Payday loans are more available than traditional loans or credits, but you have to keep in mind that more and more loan companies are introducing certain restrictions for potential customers. One of them is the minimum and maximum age of the client. In the case of young people, it is about the potential lack of credit history. In turn, lending money to people over the age of 75 carries the risk of default due to health problems and low earnings or retirement. Some loan companies verify the data of their clients in data registers, so a good credit history is required, as well as timely repayment of liabilities incurred with the same lender.

For most payday loans, you should take into account the high costs of granting the loan. However, it is worth remembering that currently most companies offer a promotion for new customers where you can get payday loans for free .

What to watch out for when taking a loan

Due to the fact that quick loans are so readily available, they carry a high risk of falling into the so-called credit loop . That is why it is so important to pay off the loan on time before making another commitment. You should also remember not to take out more than one loan at the same time from the same lender or in different companies, because such action may lead to significant difficulties with the repayment of liabilities. This, in turn, can have serious legal and financial consequences. In the event of untimely repayment, the company may apply contractual penalties contained in the loan regulations. Therefore, if you know in advance that there may be difficulties with the loan repayment, it is worth applying for a repayment extension. Here, it is good to know the fees related to the granting of payday loans, which include not only the APRC interest rate , but also the costs of extending the repayment or the amount of fees for reminders. The consequence of further failure to pay the obligation is referring the case to recovery. The bailiff first seizes the remuneration for work, and when it is insufficient to cover the debt, he may seize the movable and immovable property belonging to the debtor.

On the other hand, also those who pay their debts honestly should exercise caution. It is important to read the loan regulations and the framework agreement before making a decision to take a payday loan in a given company. This is, among other things, about checking whether the contract does not contain clauses that raise our doubts and whether the lender does not charge very high additional fees for individual activities related to servicing the obligation.

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