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Are you looking for payday loans? On our portal you will find a number of payday offers provided via the Internet. See the following questions and answers to find out what is and what our portal offers, what is a payday loan , how to choose and apply for a loan online. If your question is not answered here, write to us and our team of experts will be happy to answer. Our help is free, so until you go to the application on the loan company's website, you can use our calculator many times and check offers on the portal.

What does the islandcrisis.net.PL portal offer?

The islandcrisis.net.PL portal publishes the most popular offers on the market in the form of a ranking of payday loans granted via the Internet. With us, you can familiarize yourself with the parameters of loans, such as the maximum amount and repayment time, so that the choice is much faster and easier. The portal does not deal with granting loans, nor does it collect or collect any personal data! After clicking the take a loan button, you will be redirected to the lender's website where you should carefully read the current offer before making the final decision. If you have already sent the application, all contact regarding it should be directed to the lender, whose contact details can be found on their website.

What is the interest rate on payday loans?

The interest rate on payday loans called APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate) is the total cost of the loan, including insurance, fees, commission, etc. It is significantly higher than the loan interest rate in the bank due to the availability of a wider group of customers and less formalities, but limited by the legal maximum amount by the act anti-usury. This topic is extremely wide, so we encourage you to read the article Payday interest rate

Is the First promotion for free?

The " First for free " promotion, popular among payday loans, is an offer addressed only to new customers of a given loan company. As an incentive, you can get a loan in the proposed amount, usually $ 2,000 with a short repayment period, usually 30 days. To pay nothing for the loan, it is enough to pay it back in full before the end of the period. The APRC will then be 0%. If we are late with repayment, you should take into account the costs as for a normal payday loan. Since there are many companies offering payday loans for free to start, we can take as many loans as promotions on the market. The company obtains our data counting that we will once again use the paid offer.

How long does it take to get the money?

Most companies providing payday loans online verify applications automatically according to their criteria. Depending on whether we submit the application during the working hours of the service, we can receive decisions on granting a loan within several minutes or the next business day. From the moment of the decision to the appearance of money on the account, it may take several minutes again if we have an account in the same bank as the loan company or the company offers 24/7 express transfers. Otherwise, you should wait for the next business day for the money to be credited to the bank.

Can I get money over the weekend?

The number of companies providing payday loans during the weekend is constantly growing. During the weekend, its employees work at slightly different hours than on weekdays, but long enough for everyone to be able to freely receive money on the account, even on Saturday or Sunday . We encourage you to check our list of offers, where we have collected payday loans by days and hours of service work.

What conditions must be met to receive a payday loan?

In all loan companies, the basic criterion is:
  • having Polish citizenship - ID card,
  • bank account verification,
  • mobile phone number verification.

Additionally, some companies require:
  • good credit history - no significant debts in BIK, KRD or ERIF,
  • proof of income from, for example, work or retirement.

Is it possible to extend the payday repayment date?

Most companies offer the option of a paid extension of the payday repayment date . To use this option, you must contact the loan company before the end of the repayment period in order to take advantage of such an offer. If we are late, we have to take into account the penalty fees much higher than the extension of the deadline.

What are the consequences of not repaying payday loans on time?

Failure to repay the borrowed money is associated with the imposition of penalty fees by the loan company. The fees are individual in each company, but always very high, which is why it is very important to keep an eye on the payday repayment date or use the option to extend the repayment before charging penalties.

Is my data safe?

All loan companies in the ranking operate on the basis of Polish law, requiring them to protect the collected personal data in accordance with the act . On our part, we should pay attention to whether we are on a website with SSL encryption when completing the application (the address begins with and "https"). In addition, it is worth reading the consents we express in the application to avoid the situation that we do not know why the company calls our employer or sends data to several more loan companies. You should also exercise caution when verifying your bank account using special applications, if you are not sure about something, it is better to verify with the traditional transfer option of 10gr or $ 1.

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