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A d All marijuana stocks

Fed decriminalization of cannabis could trigger another boom in cannabis stocks

With Democrats now controlling both houses of Congress and the executive branch, decriminalizing cannabis at the federal level could take months. This could allow cannabis companies established in Washington state to market across state lines, which would trigger a bidding war for quality stocks at reasonable prices.

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A d Money card press

Silicon Valley caption: “Every penny you put elsewhere is wasted”

He called Bitcoin at $ 20,000 … and again at $ 50,000 … and now this Silicon Valley legend is revealing a new opportunity for a shot to make up to 5, 7 or even 10 times your money. … Whether the price goes high or low …

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A d Oxford Club

10 million people started trading last year – here’s what to do next

How to make money by negotiating? What are the secrets the pros are using to beat the market day in and day out? Former Chicago Board Options Exchange Trader Reveals All Insider Tips …

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A d Inheritance research

A small glitch could kill 5G technology

5G phones cost $ 1,300. If you are planning to buy one soon … I have some news for you. It is a worthless investment. 5G won’t work unless this small business steps in with its silver bullet to save it.

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The secret of the vegetable market

An alliance with Beyond Meat could help this small-cap plant-based company be on the front lines!

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The $ 10 action that could start the audiovisual revolution

The biggest technology of the decade is not Blockchain… 5G… or electric vehicles. Investment icon Louis Navellier, dubbed the “Earnings Whisperer” by CNBC, reveals $ 10 stock that’s poised to fuel the autonomous vehicle market.

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