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When looking for the right loan for you online , many questions arise in our head. The product, which is a payday loan, can be obtained very quickly, but it is worth having the appropriate knowledge so that the debt repayment does not end up with problems. Our experts have prepared a number of tips for borrowing money online. We hope that we will help you understand the complexities so that everyone can sleep well and avoid dangerous debt loops. Find out where to find the best payday offers for new customers, without checking in BIK, in installments and others.

Online payday loans

Loan companies use the advances of modern technology and try to make their clients' lives easier. Previously, such companies offered ..

Payday loans for 60 days

The loan market is dominated by payday loans, which have so far been granted with maturity in most cases.

Payday loans to the account

Payday loans have been available in our country for several years and have quickly become a beneficial alternative to cash loans ...

Payday loans without KRD

In most cases, loan companies check their clients against databases, thanks to which they gain knowledge about whether they are dealing ..

Payday loan at the customer's home

Before the era of quick online loans, payday loans at the customer's home were standard. Such loans are still available from several companies.

Payday loans with a bailiff

Bailiff seizure is not an obstacle to obtaining a non-bank loan. Payday loans with a bailiff are successfully operating on the market, ..

Payday loans for a statement

The process of verifying a customer applying for a payday loan does not have to be burdened with many formalities. Currently in the offers of companies ..

Payday loans without creditworthiness

The basis for obtaining a bank loan is creditworthiness, but not every customer has it. However, the lack of creditworthiness is not a problem in ...

Payday loans without formalities

We live in times when every minute counts, because every minute is precious. All the solutions we choose should be primarily for us ...

Payday loans with no income

We are used to the fact that in order to borrow money, we must have income that will allow us to pay off the debt. However, on ...

Payday loans without a bank account

The scale of operation of loan companies in our country is huge, and all because the disproportions in the earnings of individual classes ...

Payday loans on the phone

Increased financial needs may arise in various situations and sometimes it is not about not knowing how to dispose of your home ..

Payday loans 24h / 7 days

Loan companies make life easier for their potential clients all the time by offering loans on better and better terms. Now payday loans 24/7 ..

Payday loan in 15 minutes

Quick loans have revolutionized the way we manage home budgets. Once upon a time, the only ways to patch the home budget hole ...

Payday loans for 500+

There is no doubt that the 500+ benefit greatly boosted the Polish economy and improved the financial situation of families with children. 500 plus benefit ..

Opinions about payday loans

Payday loans, i.e. quick loans, even without creditworthiness, are very popular today. Such a loan can be extremely ..

The best payday loans

There are plenty of payday loans on the market, but few know what the best loan offers are. Each company advertises its offer as ..

Payday loans without a penny transfer

Most quick loans require you to transfer one penny to the loan company's account and thus verify your bank account. On the market..

Loans on a promissory note with a surety

Promissory note loans are an easy way to get extra money. Such loans on a promissory note with a guarantor arouse great controversy, but ..

Cheap payday loans

Each of us knows quick loans and everyone knows what they are more or less about. Cheap payday loans are gaining popularity due to the minimum ..


SzybkaGotówka is a loan company that provides payday loans. This modern loan company provides loans in amounts from {amount_a} ..

Payday loans without bases

Some loans require checking in a database that collects information on customer loan history. The market abounds though ..

Payday loans in stock

Payday loans have gained immense popularity. Today, the possibility of taking a quick loan causes problems with the lack of financial liquidity ..

Refinancing of payday loans

Timely loan repayment is not always possible, and when the client has a problem returning money on time, he can use his refinancing ...

Loan Vu

Loan Vu is a non-bank institution offering quick loans as proof and without any certificates. This company is focused on building ..

Payday loans as proof

Some time ago, in order to borrow money, we had to present an income certificate and present it to a bank or financial company ..

Payday loans for those in debt

Payday loans intended for people in debt are high-risk financial products. These are controversial financial products, therefore ..

How not to fall into the debt loop?

Tough times call for tough solutions. In many cases, people choose to compensate for their holes in their household budgets for ..

Quick loans without verification

Fast loans literally took over consumers across the country. Today, the faster the loan is, the better. Some loan companies ..

MoneyLuck Savings

A loan at MoneyLuck Savings.pl is the certainty of cooperation with an experienced and reliable company that provides favorable cash loans. MoneyLuck Savings has won ..

Loans for the unemployed

I don't think you need to convince anyone that the unemployed are in a very difficult financial situation. However, the lack of a permanent job is not limited.

Christmas loans

Each of us associates Christmas with a period of increased expenses because for a few days we are able to spend as much as we normally would for the entire ...


Nimgis comes out to customers with an offer of favorable online loans. A quick loan at Nimgis is a minimum of formalities and maximum satisfaction ...

Payday loans without certificates

Quick loans have taken over the credit market, previously dominated by banking offers. Payday loans without certificates from companies ..

Payday interest rate (APR)

Taking out a payday loan, even if it is to be for a small amount, is always a logistical challenge. You have to make a decision carefully ..


Kuki.pl is a new brand on the Polish loan market, it has been operating since 2017. It provides quick loans via the Internet 7 days a week. The company's employees are ..

Payday loans at the weekend

Emergencies related to unforeseen expenses can always occur. They often happen over the weekend when banks and other financial institutions ..

Smart Loan

A smart loan, grants quick loans via the Internet 7 days a week, so we have the option of taking a payday loan at the weekend. Smartpożyczka.pl ..

Payday loans in installments

Payday loans in their original form were a small amount of money made available by loan companies for a short period, usually ..


CashGetty is one of the most popular non-bank lenders on the Polish market. It has been operating since 2013. and has already gained a large group of regulars ..

Payday loans for 18 years

The customer's age is one of the basic criteria when granting payday loans and loans. Contrary to popular belief that support ..


Lendon is a Lithuanian company. It has been operating in the Polish credit space since 2013. and is dynamically developing. The official name of the company in ..

Payday loans for free

When deciding to take out a loan, we first of all bear in mind its total cost. If we are not customers of a given company yet ..


Wonga is one of the leading lenders offering non-bank loans. It has been operating since 2007. Currently, it offers its services in several ..

Payday loans without BIK

The wide offer of non-bank loan companies makes financial products available to a larger number of recipients ...

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