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up to $ 20,000 for a maximum of 48 months.
The first 1000 $ for free for 30 days
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Wonga is one of the leading lenders offering non-bank loans . It has been operating since 2007. Currently, it offers its services in several countries on three continents. The products recommended by Wong are both quick payday loans and installment loans . For new customers, it offers attractive loans with a cost of $ 0. For regular customers, it increases the available financial limits. Wonga has been granting payday loans for 18 years as proof in the online system, and all formalities are limited to the necessary minimum. The loan application is simple and transparent. There are sliders on the company's website that allow you to choose the amount you are interested in and a convenient loan period. The company declares a limited verification process and taking an immediate decision in our case. Wonga supports campaigns aimed at making the public aware of savings and budget planning. There is a link to the Kapitalni.org website where you can take special courses. Due to the resignation from unnecessary formalities and openness to each client, the company has gained great popularity in the ranking of payday loans online , it is one of the most recognized non-bank lenders.

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The first loan in Wonga is $ 1000 free for 30 days!

Wonga, a loan tycoon who came to Poland from Great Britain, offers loans in promotion for new customers - the first loan is $ 1000 for 30 days for free. The monthly amount to be repaid is not too high and should not burden your home budget significantly. Applying for a loan is easy and convenient - this is confirmed by customer reviews of wonga . The submission of the application takes place online and does not take more than several minutes. Basically, Wonga grants payday loans without certificates and documents other than an ID card, but we can certainly expect a question about the source of income. Remember that each case is considered individually, and the payday loan is granted based on an analysis of whether there is a chance that the lender will receive its return on time. It should be noted that Wonga is a lender who practices inquiring about consumers at the Credit Information Bureau. The first loan does not bear interest. The amount of $ 10 is the only cost related to taking a payday loan, provided that the obligation is met on time. The repayment deadline cannot be extended if the client does not have sufficient funds at the moment. This is a restriction that distinguishes Wong from other loan companies.

Installment loan in Wonga

In addition to traditional payday loans that have a short repayment time, Wonga also offers convenient and quick installment loans . The extended period of up to 24 months and the payment of the obligation in installments will certainly appeal to many of Wong's customers. In the case of an installment loan, the amount is also higher and amounts to $ 20,000. If you have been refused a bank loan, try applying for an installment loan at Wonga and see how simple it is.
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Conditions necessary to receive a loan on Wonga.pl

Wonga operates on a similar basis as most non-bank institutions offering online loans. This procedure is characterized by the minimization of formalities, quick payment of funds and comfort on the part of the borrower, because he receives a financial injection without leaving home . To apply for a payday loan on Wonga.pl, we only need:
  • ID card;
  • a bank account with access to the electronic banking system;
  • telephone;
  • a computer with internet access to complete an online loan application.

Verification of the customer's identity in Wonga takes place on several levels. First of all, the company's employees analyze the submitted loan application. Customer verification is the verification of the applicant's identity using their bank account. This may take the form of a registration fee. The borrower transfers the amount of 0.10 $ to the company's bank account. In this way, the company's employees can check if we are listed as the owners of the account from which the transfer came. Wonga has several dozen accounts in various banks, so that the transfer arrives immediately, it is worth choosing the same bank whose clients we are. You can also check who the account belongs to using special applications to which we log in using an encrypted connection. Then the lender can view the owner's data, but cannot see the status of our account or the content of transactions. We receive the decision in a short time via SMS. Formally, however, it can be considered that the payment of cash to our account is the confirmation of granting us a payday and concluding the contract.

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Extension of payday repayment in Wonga

Unlike other online loan services, Wonga does not have the option to extend the repayment date. If we know that we will run out of funds for repayment, we should contact the company to establish a new repayment schedule. For non-payment of the loan on time, the company will charge interest in the amount of 14% or 4 times the NBP lombard rate (the lower value applies) for each day of delay. Information about the debt is sent to BIK and other offices.

Expert opinion

In 2014, the prestigious The Economist magazine awarded Wonga.com the title of the largest Internet company in England. The portal has won major awards in the financial industry, such as the Credit Today Award. The company is popular among investors and financial authorities. It was trusted by, among others: Oak Investment Partners and Dawn Capital. Wonga also invariably occupies the leading positions in online rankings of loan companies. Experts agree that this is one of the companies that can boast the best offers.

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Lender details

Wonga.pl sp. Z oo
ul. Żaryna 2B, building. D
02-593 Warsaw

Wonga customer service - working hours

Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 22:00
Saturday: 07:00 - 22:00
Sunday: 07:00 - 22:00
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wonga.pl »
Representative example for installment loan: Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) is 75.08%, total loan amount (without credited costs) $ 3,000, total amount to be paid $ 5,115.53, variable interest rate 7.2%, total loan cost 2,115 $ 53 (including: commission $ 1749.90, interest $ 365.63), 23 monthly installments equal to $ 213.09 and the last installment $ 214.46. Data valid as of 07/08/2020. The amount of the loan, the amount of the installment and the number of installments available are determined individually based on the customer's creditworthiness assessment. The cost of the loan also depends on the period for which it was granted. After obtaining the loan, the customer can take advantage of the benefits. Details in the "Regulations of benefits", available at www.wonga.pl/Dokumenty.
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Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Ratings: 20014
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Reviews about Wonga

I used Wong and there were no problems with me. They granted me a loan quickly.
Sebastian recommends 02-06-2019 14:58
All right. The application was accepted very quickly. without any unnecessary papers and documents, without certificates. It is very convenient, you have to admit it.
Mati recommends 03/21/2019 16:52
I don't understand how they could refuse someone's application? After all, they didn't even want any income statements from me. I got my first loan from this company right away. I waited maybe an hour for the decision, and then the money was in my account.
Kowalska recommends 02/28/2019 16:58
I honestly admit that I was quite happy with the wonga.
Magda does not recommend 02/13/2019 16:54
It is best to trust proven large companies such as Wonga :-)
Tadeusz recommends 01/19/2019 16:51
I had no problems completing the application on Wong's website. Everything was done over the internet and very quickly. In addition, they spread my loan in installments, which was a huge plus for me.
Grażyna recommends December 27, 2018 17:48
simple and legible application, quick decision, payday loan in installments, offer worth recommending
ANIA recommends December 19, 2017 19:44
waste of time, application sent and the decision refused, suck with them !!
Marek does not recommend 02-12-2017 21:43
cheap loan and up to 2 months to pay off, there is no better one!
Iga recommends November 18, 2017 20:28
application submitted, same day decision and money transfer, I recommend that someone depends on time
sara recommends Sep 30, 2017 20:51
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