7 badass nicknames enemies gave the U.S. military


Honestly, the military isn’t quite what I thought it would be. Most of us, at some point, have a moment of clarity in which we realize that what we expected from daily military life does not correspond to reality.

And it’s good.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have also had (or continue to have) some pretty decent military experience, all things considered. But what if the branches decided to be honest for a moment and give potential recruits a real vision of their daily life?

Feel free to suggest yours.

How the Air Force checks the weather.

(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Basic Nathan H. Barbour)

1. Air Force

Current slogan: “Aim high, Fly-Fight-Win”

High aim (in fact, aim in general) begins and ends at the recruiter’s desk for most aviators. Most new aviators won’t fly or fight. If you consider eating chicken a winner, then this 25 percent slogan is perfect.

Honest slogan: “Come in, sit down.”

It covers everything from office jobs to the few pilots who have yet to leave the Air Force for a cushy civilian airline. He also manages to forget about maintainers and other airmen who work on the runway as well as Air Force special operations – just like most other military personnel.

Most importantly, this is the phrase you will hear from your supervisor whenever you make the slightest mistake.

7 badass nicknames enemies gave the U.S. military

Wow ! Two women in this photo. Slow down, Marine.

(US Navy)

2. Marine

Current slogan: “Forged by the sea”

The most accurate version of this slogan is “because of the sea”. The Navy does not have crawl out of the ocean. It was designed to tame the ocean. But “Because of the Sea” doesn’t sound so cool.

Honest slogan: “5,000 guys surrounded by water.”

It will be your life, comrade. The Navy wants 25 percent of its ships’ crews to be women, but the reality is that number is still a distant dream. Meanwhile, the port tours to the exotic lands you’ve been dreaming of will be rare. When you go out, you will only see water. Terrible, undrinkable, watery death. If you ever go out, that’s fine.

Sorry, Nukes.

7 badass nicknames enemies gave the U.S. military

All I’m saying is if all you can be is a cook then you might as well get the salary, benefits, and a serious uniform upgrade by being all you can. be in the military.

(The American army)

3. Army

Current slogan: “A strong army”

Even the army realized that he was not doing it a service in the recruiting service.

Honest slogan: “A shitty job for everyone.”

That’s not to say the military sucks, doesn’t have good gigs, or isn’t worth the time and effort, but let’s face it: it’s huge, it will take almost anyone, and there are so many jobs that you just can’t find anywhere else, in or out of the military. Do you have a bachelor’s degree in microbiology but suddenly want to fly a helicopter? Army. Tired of everyday work and selling insurance to people who hate you? Army. Are you currently flipping burgers for terrible pay and then having to top it off by cleaning the toilet? You can literally do it in the military.

7 badass nicknames enemies gave the U.S. military

Yes, it is not for everyone.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo)

4. Marines

Current slogan: “The rare, the proud

It’s actually a pretty awesome and accurate recruiting slogan. The Marines put it on hold in 2016, only to reactivate it the following year – probably because it’s actually a great and accurate recruitment slogan. The grips of people who do the most lousy jobs in the military using next to nothing take pride in it.

Honest slogan: “Marines for-damn-never.”

The only thing more honest is telling recruits how long the decision to join the Marines will affect them. I never knew a former Marine who presents himself as an “ex-Marine”. Meanwhile, Springfield, Ohio, VFW alumni after 1031 used to tell me at age 6 that the only ex-Marine is Lee Harvey Oswald.

7 badass nicknames enemies gave the U.S. military

The USCG “Pull Out and Push” Cutter

(US Coast Guard photo)

5. Coast guard

Current slogan: “Born ready”

The motto of the Coast Guard is “Semper Paratus,“but” Born Ready “was the closest I could find to a recruiting slogan – and it’s also a really good slogan. Yet it’s a few years old and could probably use an update.

Honest slogan: “Find a way.”

As well as opening up the possibility of having Jeff Goldblum as a spokesperson, it’s a much more accurate description of life in a Coast Guard in the grip of budget cuts and congressional apathy. Meanwhile, the ingenious Coasties somehow pull off drug seizures, icebreakers, and daring sea rescues. Army, Navy and Air Force put lasers on vehicles while 50-year-old coastguards are collapse 35 times in 19 days.

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