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Payday loans for 60 days

The loan market is dominated by payday loans, which so far have been granted in most cases with a repayment period of only 30 days. Unfortunately, such a short repayment period is not suitable for all customers. The deadline of just one month to pay off often prevents collecting the right amount of money, especially when we have large expenses and the employer is late with the payment of salaries. An alternative to short payday loans are payday loans for 60 days . As a rule, such loans are granted for up to 2 months. 60-day loan offers are currently available in several non-bank companies, and customers can borrow up to $ 10,000 as part of these extended payday loans. Payday loans with a longer repayment period found interest among customers who, due to their unstable financial situation, could not afford to take standard payday loans. Currently, the development of the loan market is towards adapting to the needs of borrowers, and a payday loan for 60 days is the best expression of this.

Payday loans up to 60 days - characteristics

Until now, customers who took payday loans with a repayment period of 30 days could only extend the duration of the loan after paying additional fees and using the repayment extension service. Depending on the needs, the repayment could be extended by 7, 14, 21 or 30 days. Taking advantage of the offer of the maximum extension allowed to pay off the debt after 60 days, but at the same time such a service was quite expensive. Payday loans for 60 days solve this problem. Such loans can be taken online - without leaving your home and on very simple terms. Despite the contractually extended repayment date, payday loans for two months are relatively cheap financial products, and sometimes you can even take advantage of the payday offer for free for 60 days. This option is available to every new client of the loan company. Free payday loans for 60 days can be called "test" payday loans. These loans enable clients to become familiar with the standards offered in a specific company and gain trust in it and - in the company's intention - loyalty.

Long-term loans for 60 days, however, should not be equated with installment loans, as they are a completely different type of financial product. Payday loans in installments , as the name suggests, are repaid in installments. In turn, we pay off the 60-day payday loan in one installment or in two equal installments, each every 30 days. In this case, similar to other payday loans, the customer always receives information about the final repayment date. Some non-bank companies offer payday loans for 62 days.

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Requirements for a 60-day payday

Customers planning to take out a loan for 60 days should first of all check the ranking of payday loans and choose the best offer. The APRC amount for individual loans, maximum amounts and age requirements are key here. The opinions of existing customers of individual companies may also be useful.

A payday loan for 60 days can be taken only by a person who meets the conditions set by the selected non-banking company, and these conditions include:

  • appropriate age of the borrower - minimum 18-21 years, maximum 70-80;
  • having Polish citizenship and an address in Poland;
  • having a personal account number and a mobile phone number;
  • providing data such as name and surname, PESEL number, e-mail address as well as series and number of ID card;
  • having full legal capacity;
  • no debt in the company to which the client applies for a loan.

In some cases, the condition for obtaining a payday loan online is to have a positive credit history and no entries in the debtors' registers, as well as achieving income at a level acceptable to the loan company.

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The advantages of payday loans for 60 days

A payday loan online for 60-62 days is certainly easier to repay than a payday loan for 30 days, because the borrower has more time to collect the amount needed. This type of payday loan is helpful in the event of an unstable financial situation (e.g. prolonged waiting for a transfer with remuneration for work). Paying off the payday loan in two installments may also be easier due to the possibility of better planning your home budget.

Disadvantages of payday loans for 60 days

A longer repayment period for payday loans taken for two months may, however, be associated with its higher cost, but not necessarily, because there are also payday loans for 60 days for free on the market . However, you must be prepared for the fact that in the case of a payday loan as proof , the loan company will check the customer in BIK, KRD and other databases, and in the event of detecting debts or bad history, it may refuse to grant payday loans. The customer can also count on granting a payday loan for 60 days only for larger amounts - small amounts can only be borrowed with a repayment period of up to 30 days.

Regardless of whether you decide on a loan payable in two installments or a standard payday loan for 30 days, remember to pay off your debt on time. Payday loans are very convenient loans, but even one day of delay in repayment may result in additional costs.

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