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Payday loans to the account

Payday loans have been available in our country for several years and have quickly become a beneficial alternative to cash loans. The difficulty of obtaining a loan related to the high requirements set by banks is no longer a problem when you can take payday loans on your account . Such loans are intended for a strictly defined group of clients, namely people who have difficulties meeting the stringent conditions imposed by banks. These conditions include, but are not limited to, regular inflows to your account, good credit history and employment under a contract of employment. Not everyone can meet these conditions, and the sudden need for money must be met in some way. Payday loans on account solve the problem of lack of money. Low requirements in relation to such loans, an easy procedure for applying for payday loans and a short waiting time for money encourage customers to take advantage of the offers of loan companies. Such loans are granted almost instantaneously. Usually, the waiting time for payday loans is shorter than that needed to complete the application.
Ranking of payday loans

Payday loans to the client's bank account

Payday loans are quick loans granted online, i.e. via the Internet. The entire procedure of applying for a loan - applying, issuing a decision and transferring money is done with the use of electronic means. To take a payday loan to your account, you only need a computer or smartphone with internet access and a few / several minutes of free time. Loan companies make it much easier for customers to apply for payday loans online and give a lot of freedom in the selection of tailored financial products. Payday loans can be granted both in very low amounts, e.g. $ 100 or 200, and in quite high amounts - several or several dozen thousand $. Such quick loans are transferred directly to clients' bank accounts, but after prior confirmation of the compliance of bank account numbers with the numbers provided in the applications for payday loans . With these loans, money is transferred between the bank accounts of the lending companies and customer accounts.

The entire process of taking payday loans to your account is very simple and takes place in several stages.
  1. The customer selects a selected loan company from the offers, visits its website and gets acquainted with the regulations of the payday loan and the requirements.
  2. If the customer is able to meet all the requirements set by the company, he fills out an online loan application and sends it to the company that provides payday loans .
  3. After sending the application, the client makes a special verification transfer to the account of the loan company. This transfer has a very low amount - usually 1 penny and is only used to confirm your bank account. If the verification transfer is made from the same account number as entered in the application, the account is confirmed.
  4. The company reviews the application in automatic (intelligent) or manual mode, after which it issues a decision to the customer and informs him about it via e-mail or SMS.
  5. The money from the payday loan is sent to the client's bank account within a few to several minutes from the moment of sending the application.

Requirements for payday loans

Obtaining a payday loan does not require meeting restrictive standards. The lack of strict requirements is related to the specificity of the operation of loan companies. These firms operate differently from banks and are not subject to the same procedures that apply to banks. Banks operate on the basis of banking law, while non-bank companies operate on the basis of separate provisions, and they are supervised by the Association of Loan Companies. Loan companies are not the same as parabanks. In addition, each of such companies must operate within the scope of the applicable law, i.e., for example, include information about the loan's APRC in each of its materials. In addition to specific requirements, loan companies can freely set the terms of their payday loans.

Basically, payday loans are granted to clients who meet the basic requirements. The following requirements can be included in this basic scope.
  • Appropriate age - the minimum age for a loan company client is 18 years, but in some companies this age is raised to 21 years. The same applies to the maximum age - sometimes it is 60, and sometimes even 75.
  • Having a bank account - all payday loans are transferred to the personal bank accounts of customers, so such an account is required in any case.
  • Polish citizenship - most loan companies reserve the right to grant payday loans only to clients with Polish citizenship, therefore the application always includes a column that applies to this.
  • Having a mobile number and email address - A telephone number and email address are necessary to maintain contact between the company and the customer. Among other things, the loan decision comes to the e-mail or telephone, so you always have to provide the correct address and number.
  • Legal capacity - the person applying for a loan must have full legal capacity. Incapacitated persons can never apply for payday loans, cash loans or loans.
  • No entries in debtors' registers - such a requirement is set by companies that check their clients in databases such as BIK, BIG or KRD, but there are many loan companies on the market where quick loans are granted without verification .
  • No current debt - in each loan company you can only have one payday loan at a time. Another one can be taken only after the early repayment is made.

Verification of the client's bank account

The basis for obtaining a payday loan to the account is data from the ID card - name and surname, address, PESEL number, series and number of the ID card. Unfortunately, the loan company is not able to verify the customer in such an indirect application process, so before transferring the payday amount to the account , it requires confirmation of identity and this confirmation is made on the basis of comparing the application data with the bank account details. If the account number with the verification transfer matches the one on the application and the details of the account holder are correct, the loan company can be sure that the loan application is not a fraud. Without such verification, there would be a likelihood that someone would apply for a loan for the stolen ID and take the money on their own account. Payday loans to the account, despite their simplicity, are very safe. They cannot be taken as someone else's ID, because confirming payday loans to bank accounts are of great importance.

Confirmation transfers and those with loan amounts, however, have the fact that they can arrive on different dates, and this is always dependent on the Elixir session in individual banks. In order for the payday loan to actually be credited to the account in 15 minutes , it is necessary to skillfully make a verification transfer. The loan amount will always be transferred from the account in the bank to which the verification transfer went. The time of posting the verification transfer and the time it takes for the money to reach the client's account always depends on the bank from which the transfer was made. Payday loans are credited to the account the fastest if verification transfers are sent between accounts in the same banks. For this reason, loan companies have accounts in many banks so that each client can find the bank in which he has an account on this list.

Payday payday to your account

Depending on the company, payday loans to the account can be granted only on business days or as payday loans at the weekend . The time of granting non-bank loans depends on the terms of service provision in individual companies. The money reaches customers' accounts very quickly - even within a quarter of an hour. The customer can use the borrowed money immediately after it is credited to the account and there is no need to document your expenses. Most loan companies offer the first payday loans for free , so you do not have to pay any costs for the first contracts.

This form of borrowing may seem very tempting, but it requires a careful analysis of the offers. You can easily compare payday loans with the help of our reliable statement. The ranking of payday loans on the account was created for the purpose of quick search.

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