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Payday loans without KRD

In most cases, loan companies check their clients against databases, thanks to which they gain knowledge whether they are dealing with solvent clients or not. There are a lot of loans without BIK on the Polish market, but the offer for payday loans without KRD is slightly less optimistic. Such payday loans are offered only in a few loan companies, and the rules for granting loans without KRD are different. The financial situations of clients can be just as different. Unfortunately, life does not always go on in such a way that it is possible to settle all financial obligations smoothly and on time. Sometimes one unpaid installment for a TV set, an unpaid fine or an untimely repayment of a loan is enough to get into the National Debt Register. Such an entry affects further fate, because it may prevent you from taking a quick loan or credit card. In the case of an entry in the KRD, the only way to borrow money is payday loans without KRD . Such payday loans are available even for people in debt and without a good credit history.

Ranking of payday loans

Payday loans without KRD - what are they?

In order to discuss payday loans without KRD, first you need to take a moment to discuss the KRD itself, i.e. the National Debt Register. KRD is an institution running a special database to which debtors go, and there can be many reasons for hitting such a database. You can enter the KRD register for:

  • failure to pay the penalty notice;
  • failure to repay a loan or payday loan;
  • non-payment of maintenance payments;
  • no payment for telecommunications and postal services;
  • no payment for electricity, gas, water and sewage;
  • other debts.

It is important that people whose debts amount to at least $ 200 and whose payment terms exceed 60 days are entered into the National Register of Debtors. In addition, such an entry can be placed only one month after the creditor sends information about the intention to place the debtor in the KRD.

Firms providing payday loans do not impose stringent requirements on their clients, but often check applicants to find out whether they are dealing with reliable persons or, on the contrary, with debtors. Having debts automatically classifies a specific applicant in a higher-risk group. Lending money to such a client may be associated with a lack of repayment, so as a rule, loan companies check applicants in the KRD. However, there are payday loans without KRD available on the market, i.e. those for which customers are not verified in the National Debt Register. It also happens that companies, despite the detection of an entry in the KRD, decide to grant a loan and this takes place in several specific cases.

Payday offers

Payday loans without KRD and loans without BIK - differences

Payday loans without KRD are not the same as payday loans without BIK verification. BIK is a Credit Information Bureau that collects information about the entire credit history. This database contains information about credits and loans taken, their repayment or delays in installments, i.e. about individual stages of the credit history. In the BIK database, you can trace how a specific client dealt with his debt. Companies providing payday loans without BIK do not check this history, so they do not take into account whether the payments were timely or not. Anyone who has any obligations goes to BIK, while only debtors who meet the conditions listed above go to the KRD.

KRD in the verification of clients of loan companies

The National Debt Register is very helpful in assessing people applying for payday loans. The fact of debts reduces the customer's credibility, and each loan company wants to be sure that it cooperates with reliable and verbal people. Failure to repay the loan generates problems and disrupts the company's financial liquidity, and companies have to defend themselves against this. On the other hand, loan companies take advantage of the freedom to act provided by the law and set their own rules for customer verification. Payday loans without KRD are not always loans that do not work in databases. On the contrary - sometimes such inspections take place, but loan companies treat debts of a specific amount liberally, e.g. up to $ 300 or up to $ 1000, or do not take into account specific types of debts, e.g. those arising from unpaid fines. Setting specific limits and the type of debt allows loan companies to select applicants more easily and allow some of them to take payday loans without KRD .

Recommendations of payday loans

Payday loans without KRD for debtors - who can apply?

Debts are always a serious problem, and the more there are, the more they complicate your life. Nobody consciously wants to fall into debt. Such a situation is always the result of a combination of many unfavorable circumstances, and despite the best intentions and efforts, it cannot always be avoided. Hitting the KRD database may sound like a "judgment", because, unfortunately, such stigmatization of an unreliable payer deprives him of the possibility of taking a bank loan, purchasing equipment in installments or applying for payday loans without bases . However, loan companies know exactly that past mistakes are not always reflected in the present, so they treat some customers less severely. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements of the company providing such loans can apply for payday loans without KRD . These minimum requirements include, first of all: Polish citizenship, address in Poland, bank account number, mobile phone number and e-mail address, as well as appropriate age, valid ID card and earning income at the minimum level specified by the company.

Payday loans without KRD are addressed to people entered on the list of debtors of the National Debt Register and who are not able to apply for payday loans online in a loan company that verifies their clients in KRD. Such payday loans for those in debt are usually granted in low amounts and completely online - without the need to visit the company's headquarters and without meeting its representative. However, it must be remembered that payday loans without KRD are not the same as payday loans for the unemployed , because in the case of loans without KRD, companies most often require the source of income and their amount. In this case, payday loans without creditworthiness are an alternative to a cash loan, which the indebted person will not get anywhere.

How to take a loan without KRD?

The entire application procedure for loans without KRD takes place via the Internet. The customer visits the website of the company offering payday loans without KRD , reads the regulations and checks the minimum requirements. If he is able to meet them, he fills in the application for a payday loan and sends it for processing. In order to collect a payday loan, it is also necessary to make a verification transfer. After posting this transfer and considering the application, the customer receives a loan decision. If all the requirements are met, the decision is positive, and the money from payday loans without KRD goes to the account.

Payday loans without KRD are usually granted for 30 days, although it is possible to extend the repayment date, but it is additionally payable. The loan must be repaid by bank transfer to the account number from which it was granted, and in the transfer title, enter the data required in a specific company. Usually it is a loan number or PESEL number and name and surname. Detailed instructions on this subject can be found on the websites of loan companies.

Payday list

Ranking of loans without KRD

There are only a few companies that will grant payday loans without KRD . You can get such a loan from Provident, Konkretna Kasa, MoneyMan, Tani Kredyt, Rapida Money and Credissimo, among others. Each of these companies offers different conditions for granting payday loans. Some institutions do not verify clients in any databases, others check some of the databases, e.g. at BIK and ERIF. Interest rate, minimum and maximum amounts of payday loans and their repayment dates vary depending on the company, so before signing the contract, check the ranking of payday loans without KRD and see which company has the best offer waiting for you.

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Comments on payday loans without KRD

Sometimes it happens that a man will not pay a fine and will enter it in the debtors' register ... And without this you will not get a loan. In an emergency, such a payday loan is a good option. It's worth knowing that we have an alternative whatever the case.
Rob December 18, 2019 11:11
I had a situation where I was fired from my job and I had nothing to pay for child support ... It turned out that I wouldn't even take a loan to give this child support because they signed me in the KRD. It's good that I can take a payday loan if needed.
Piotrek J. 06-12-2019 10:31
The less formalities the better for everyone. Therefore, I believe that this option is quite good. It is worth considering.
Sarah 16-11-2019 09:58
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