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7.500$ for 30 days at max
The first $ 3,000 for free for 61 days
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Nimgis comes out to customers with an offer of favorable online loans. A quick loan at Nimgis is a minimum of formalities and maximum satisfaction. The offer is directed primarily to people who need to borrow money quickly on good terms and in a place that has a reputation. Nimgis is one of the most popular loan institutions in Poland - the company has served thousands of satisfied customers and is constantly gaining new ones.

First of all, the first loan for free attracts customers to the Nimgis offer - a loan for $ 0 for new customers. All online payday loans available in the Nimgis offer are granted on simple terms and for the benefit of customers. Opinions about Nimgis speak for themselves - loans offered by the company stand out on the market and at the same time meet the expectations of demanding customers. See what taking a loan at Vivus looks like - what are the requirements and available options.
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The first loan at Nimgis is $ 3,000 for free

Nimgis allows customers to test their offer. The first loan up to $ 3,000 is free for 61 days, which means that the customer does not bear any costs related to the loan. The interest rate on payday loans is zero here - the customer gives back as much as he borrowed.

The commission, interest and APRC for this loan are $ 0. There are no hidden costs here. The condition for taking advantage of the loan promotion for $ 0 is only its timely repayment. Payday loans in Nimgis will be for free if the customer does not exceed the repayment date. Nimgis tries to adapt its offer in such a way as to be as flexible as possible. You can define the repayment time yourself. The minimum is 1 day, maximum 61 days. Payday loans for free by Nimgis are a great way to test a quick loan and see for yourself the quality of service. This, however, cannot be faulted.

The loan for free is dedicated to people who have never taken payday loans at Vivus . For all those who need money quickly and without worrying about possible costs. A loan for $ 0 can be used for any purpose. It is a consumer loan, so you can spend it at your own discretion - the company does not ask about the purpose or settle expenses. The client has full freedom in managing the borrowed amount. He can spend it on shopping, on vacation or paying off other debts.

Nimgis Requirements to Receive a Loan

Nimgis does not make big demands on its customers - the minimum of formalities is in this case a great way to easily borrow money.

  • Valid ID card - a loan in Nimgis is granted as proof, so the condition for granting it is to show an ID card. The ID card must also be valid. If the customer reports with an invalid ID card, it will not be possible to grant a loan on its basis.
  • Mobile phone number - the customer receives information about the loan being granted via SMS, so it is necessary to have a telephone number.
  • Bank account in Poland - money is transferred to a bank account, but often a bank account is also used to make an activation transfer.
  • Polish citizenship and address in Poland - a loan in Nimgis can only be obtained by a person with Polish citizenship and a place of residence in the country.
  • Age from 20 to 78 - the lower and upper age limits of people applying for a Nimgis loan have been adjusted so that the company can support as many people as possible.
  • Positive creditworthiness assessment - you must have creditworthiness to obtain a loan. Nimgis assesses whether the financial situation of a particular applicant is good enough to pay off the loan.
  • Having a Customer Profile on the website www.vivus.pl - a loan can only be obtained by those who have an account on the www.vivus.pl website.
  • No arrears with Nimgis - the company only grants loans to applicants who have settled any cash obligations under previous loans.
  • Legal capacity - only a person who has full legal capacity can get a loan.

Applications at Nimgis are verified in two ways - by means of the aforementioned symbolic transfer to the Nimgis account or by means of a special application. The activation transfer should also be properly titled - confirm the registration and agree to the terms of the loan.
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Extension of the repayment of payday loans in Nimgis

People who, for some reason, will not be able to pay off the loan on time, can take advantage of the extension of the repayment period. The repayment time can be extended by 7, 14 or 30 days and the cost of the extension will be proportional to the amount of the loan. The possibility of extending the repayment period is a great solution in a situation where you do not receive your salary on time or when other unforeseen expenses prevent your timely repayment. However, it is only possible to extend the repayment when the customer has not used up his extension limit. By creating an account at www.vivus.pl , the client receives a renewal limit , and after using it, repayment cannot be deferred. The good news, however, is that in the case of the first loan, you can extend the repayment date up to two times . Such an offer meets the expectations of people in different financial situations. A delay in repayment of the loan results in interest being charged and debt collection activities, and failure to pay the payday loan may result in repayment in court.

Expert opinion

Nimgis currently offers one of the most advantageous non-bank loans in the country. The offer is tailored to different types of customers, but from the borrower's point of view, the most advantageous element is the ability to freely shape the payday loan via the Internet. We have both a flexible repayment time and the possibility of borrowing relatively high amounts. The possibility of extending the repayment time of the first loan twice is a huge advantage.

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Accurate details of the lender

Nimgis Finance sp. Z oo
ul. January 17, 56
02-146 Warsaw

Nimgis customer service opening hours

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 22:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 20:00
Sunday: 08:00 - 20:00

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Representative example for a loan granted via the website www.vivus.pl or by phone: The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) is 513.8% with the assumptions: total loan amount $ 1,200; total amount to be paid $ 1,393; Fixed interest rate per annum 7.2%; total cost of the loan $ 193 (commission $ 185.90, interest $ 7.10); contract for 30 days. Status on May 29, 2020
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Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Ratings: 21036
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Reviews about Nimgis

The good thing is that the first loan is free. In fact, it is because I tested it myself.
Janek recommends 09/27/2019 12:18
I do not recommend it, I waited a long time for a decision, in the meantime I got a loan in Szybka Gotówka.
Piotr does not recommend 06/10/2019 16:02
I would have to read more about the terms of the loan, but I would probably take a loan from them
tomasz recommends 04-06-2019 15:47
I recommend Nimgis! I took a loan from them several times because you go through various turbulences in your life. Not once have I been disappointed with them, nothing has happened to cause trouble. If you need fast cash, I recommend it
Adam recommends 03/28/2019 17:36
ok for me, I recommend it
basia recommends 03/19/2019 17:00
Their ads are so cool that I would take a loan from them. The conditions themselves are also favorable. You have to be able to promote yourself, and then the clients will come by themselves. If you compare Nimgis with other companies, it does not come out so badly. It should be smooth and profitable. Just like Mister Hajs promises
andżela recommends 03/14/2019 15:18
For me, it is one of the best loan companies of this type. I have borrowed from them several times and I must admit that there has never been any trouble. I had the money in my account quickly and I returned it on time. I'm happy.
Karolina recommends 03/10/2019 17:40
I took a loan from Nimgis and everything was fine. No complications.
Joanna recommends 03/06/2019 17:32
I used to borrow money from vivus and everything was always ok. It's probably one of the most recognizable companies of this type on the Internet :) that's why you can safely take money with them and don't worry about anything.
Radek recommends December 30, 2018 18:15
Everything was OK. Money quickly in the account, I recommend
Chloe recommends 03/05/2018 23:13
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