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Payday loan at the customer's home

Before the era of quick online loans, payday loans at the customer's home were standard. Such loans are still available from several non-bank loan companies. Payday loans at the customer's home are granted on the same terms as other quick loans, except that the signing of the loan agreement and the payment of money takes place at the place of residence of the person applying for the loan. This solution is still used by people who need to borrow money quickly, but at the same time do not want to receive it by transfer to a personal account or this account is subject to bailiff seizure, so that the loan amount would be automatically taken over by the bailiff. A payday loan at the client's home is granted by an employee of a loan company. There are several nationwide companies and many regional companies operating in Poland, and a loan can be granted in them starting from $ 100. The maximum available amount of such a home payday loan is even tens of thousands of zlotys.
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Payday loan at the customer's home - how does it work?

A payday loan at a customer's home is significantly different from an online loan. It is primarily a payday loan without a bank account. For such loans, customers do not complete online applications and submit them for approval and then do not receive bank transfers. Similarly, these are also payday loans without transferring a penny , because since the transfer with the loan amount does not come to the account, there is no need to verify this account. Home payday loans are usually granted after prior notification of the willingness to borrow money by phone or via SMS. The client calls the hotline of the loan company and orders a visit from the company's representative, and then arranges all formalities with him on the spot. The great advantage of this form of borrowing money is the possibility of direct contact with a living person who, if necessary, will answer all questions and provide the necessary tips. Payday loans with home delivery are a convenient form of borrowing money for a very wide range of potential customers.

Payday loan at the customer's home is a fantastic option for people who get money in cash without a bank account, but cannot go to the post office and confirm the loan with a GIRO check. This solution is appropriate for older customers with mobility difficulties, for customers after accidents and for single parents who have no one to leave their children with. Such a payday loan will work in any case in which you cannot leave the house for various reasons, e.g. when you have someone in your care, when you are convalescing or engage in some household chores.
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Who are payday loans at the customer's home?

Several groups of customers are borrowers of payday loans. First of all, these are customers who do not have a bank account and the possibility of making a verification transfer and collecting payday loans online . As a rule, payday loans at the customer's home are granted to applicants with diverse needs. Below are the three most popular groups of applicants.
  • Older people used to cash transactions and distrustful of modern electronic solutions.
  • Clients with seizures by bailiffs, because in the case of such clients, each account can be automatically seized by the bailiff, which will make it impossible to take advantage of the loan. In this case, only payday loans at the customer's home are at stake, because you can pick it up in cash and without fear that the money will be collected by the bailiff.
  • People used to direct contact with other people - some people highly appreciate direct interpersonal contacts, the opportunity to talk and obtain information that is important to them. The possibility of signing the contract manually seems to such people much safer than the contract concluded via the Internet.

Conditions for getting home payday loans

The conditions that must be met by people applying for home payday loans vary depending on the company. The most popular ones include a set of requirements identical for all loan companies, such as: appropriate age, legal capacity, having a mobile phone number and a valid ID card. Sometimes, however, companies also have additional requirements, for example, a payday loan at the client's home can be granted after submitting an income statement, and sometimes even a certificate of income from the employer. The latter requirement usually arises when customers are interested in payday loans in installments , i.e. spread over monthly repayments. Some loan companies can check their clients in databases, verifying their credit history, and in the event of negative entries, there is a real chance that the company will refuse to grant payday loans without a bank account .

Although the payday loan at the client's home is granted without an income certificate, the loan company usually requires the client to provide the source of income and its amount. At this point, it is worth noting that we define as income not only the remuneration obtained from work, but also:
  • retirement pension or disability pension;
  • maintenance;
  • social benefit;
  • rental income;
  • profits from economic or agricultural activities;
  • income from abroad.

In the column regarding the amount of income obtained, you should enter the sum of all income from various sources, and it must be done very reliably. Providing false information here is punishable, and may additionally be the basis for terminating the payday loan agreement. There is always a probability that the loan company will verify a specific client in the databases and check the real amount of his income.
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How to get a payday loan at home?

We submit an application for a payday loan at home directly to the company representative who visits us. Payday loans at the customer's home are granted on very simple terms. The borrower must prepare an ID card and sign an agreement with an employee of the loan company. This contract must contain the same information that the customer would provide in the online payday application. The payday loan at the customer's home is usually paid immediately, and in special cases after a few hours or the next day, if the representative does not have the appropriate amount with him.

The method of repaying such a loan also differs from the method of repaying payday loans taken online. In this case, the money should be returned to the representative who will visit the customer on the day of the planned repayment. Usually, the representative comes to the client on the last day of the contract, but in many cases you can pay off the loan earlier, if, of course, we have enough time to collect the appropriate funds. However, early repayment does not make the loan cheaper. In this case, the same cost will still apply as was calculated when signing the home payday contract.

Payday loan at home - how much does it cost?

The cost of payday loans with home delivery is usually higher than online loans. In this case, the loan company incurs additional costs related to hiring field employees and their visits to customers, so you can expect that the payday loan at the customer's home will be at least a few percent more expensive than an online loan.

In the context of choosing the right payday loan, its interest rate is most important. This interest rate should be as low as possible, which can usually be expected from reputable loan companies. A payday loan at the client's home taken in a well-known and respected company is certainly a safer solution than a loan in a newly created company or "enjoying" questionable opinions. In order to compare individual offers of such payday loans, it is worth using our ranking. The ranking of payday loans at the customer's home includes all offers of loan companies with home delivery. Among these companies, you will also find those that offer the first free loans, both for proof and for indebted customers. You will also compare opinions about payday loans in individual companies. Good verification of the offers of various lenders will allow you to separate favorable offers from the average ones, and thus sign a cheap loan agreement.

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Comments on Payday loan at the customer's home

It seems to me that it is better to take payday loans online anyway. Much less formalities and shorter handling time.
Ala 17-12-2019 11:37
It's good to know that if we need cash quickly, we can get it in many ways :) it is enough to have your ID card at hand, and a company representative will come to us and give us a loan. it's great.
jolka 12/13/2019 09:52
After all, not everyone has a bank account and not everyone wants to have one. That is why I believe that such a payday loan is a pretty good idea. Older people especially prefer traditional solutions.
Tadeusz October 30, 2019 11:53 AM
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