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Payday loans for a statement

The process of verifying a customer applying for a payday loan does not have to be burdened with many formalities. Currently, loan companies offer payday loans for a statement . Such quick loans do not require the presentation of income certificates from employers, so in a sense they facilitate and speed up the process of applying for money. Statement payday loans are very often chosen financial products. Their popularity is especially high in the group of people who need money very quickly and do not work on an employment contract, but only receive a few small wages from various sources, for example from retirement or disability pension, social benefit, rental or an academic grant. Payday loans are characterized by simplicity and minimum formalities, which is especially important when you quickly care about money. Companies that provide such non-bank loans simplify the application procedures and borrow in a sense "at their word", believing in the declaration of the amount of earnings and jobs indicated by clients.
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Payday loans for a statement of income

A payday loan for a declaration of income works primarily in emergencies. In everyone's life, there may be a situation where money is needed already, and every minute of delay works to our disadvantage. The need to pay an outstanding bill suddenly, purchase drugs or medical equipment, a car breakdown or flooding the apartment. Life can be unpredictable, and not all of us have savings to deal with such difficult situations. In the event of sudden financial problems, payday loans appear as an invaluable help, and although they make life much easier, they are not free from defects. Due to the lack of real income verification, the loan company usually sets a fairly high interest rate. Undoubtedly, payday loans bear interest much higher than consumer cash loans, but due to the short duration of loan agreements, the amount of this interest does not generate large amounts. Only an installment loan could be the road, because then a long repayment date would lead to generating considerable costs.

Payday loans for a statement and certificate - differences

People interested in payday loans on a statement often confuse the terms statement and certificate due to lack of knowledge. Payday loans for a statement are not the same as payday loans for a certificate. The difference in terminology is dramatic here.

  • An income certificate is an official document issued by the employer at the request of an employee applying for a payday loan from a non-bank company. You usually have to wait a few days for such a certificate and it is issued in writing.
  • The income statement is a voluntary statement issued by the customer applying for a loan. The income statement may be made in the form of a separate document with a handwritten signature, as is the case with payday loans, or it may be information contained in the loan application form. Although the declaration is not a binding document bearing the employer's seal, it should be issued truthfully. Persons applying for payday loans on the statement cannot overstate the amount of their income. In the event of additional verification, such a procedure could be considered as false confirmation and result not only in the termination of the contract with the loan company, but also additional legal consequences.
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Who and what can take a payday loan for a statement?

Payday loans on the declaration can be applied for by all clients who need to borrow money quickly and do not have time to wait for their employer to issue a certificate of income. In practice, such payday loans are also used by clients who do not work on the basis of employment contracts and for whom there is no one to issue such a certificate. Some clients of loan companies obtain income from various sources, but not from an employment contract, but from mandate contracts, contracts for specific work or social benefits. If the applicant cannot obtain a certificate of income, he / she will only receive a payday for the declaration. However, such a loan requires the determination of the number of dependents, the place of work and the amount of monthly income.

Loans on a declaration are payday loans for the unemployed and for the working. Single mothers, students, pensioners, and even indebted people can apply for such loans. Practice shows that even people working under employment contracts are quite a large group of clients of loan companies. Payday loans are very often applied for by clients who work, but do not want someone from their environment to know that they are taking a loan. The fact of requesting the employer to issue an income certificate may raise questions about the purpose of such a certificate, and thanks to the payday loan for the statement, the client retains full discretion.

Payday loan for a statement is not a payday loan without bases

There is still a misconception that the payday loan for the statement is the same as the payday loan without bases, but this is not true. A payday loan without databases is a loan where the customer is not verified in databases such as BIK or KRD, but some companies that offer payday loans on a statement verify their customers in the databases. One payday loan may require a positive credit history, while another will be issued without checking or even to an indebted client. Payday loans without certificates operate on various principles, and in addition to those defined in advance by law, detailed conditions and requirements are each time determined by a given loan company.
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How to take a payday loan for a statement?

The process of applying for payday loans for a statement is relatively simple. You can apply for such a quick loan just like for payday loans via the Internet , but you can also do it by phone or SMS. Here it all depends on the offer of the selected loan company. In most cases, you will need to complete a special online application and your application may differ in each case. Each company requires basic personal and address details. The form usually also includes a bank account number and a mobile number. Clients sending applications for quick loans without verification must also accept all consents and, of course, read the regulations and contracts in advance. After completing the form, it should be sent to the loan company, and it is done literally with one click. The completed form is submitted for consideration, and usually most of the forms are considered by the system in an intelligent way, but sometimes (in case of doubt), the form is considered by an employee of the loan company.

The time for obtaining a decision regarding a payday loan for a statement may be different. Usually, the decision comes within minutes, but in most cases only on working days. There are also payday loans on the market at the weekend . In the case of such payday loans, consideration of the application and payment of money can also be expected on a day off. The working days and hours of individual loan companies are always specified on their websites. The more you care about time, the more precisely you need to check the company's working time. In one case, you can wait until Monday, but in another you may need money even on Saturday, and then the operating time of individual companies will be of great importance.

Ranking of payday loans on the statement

Payday loans are available in the offers of most loan companies, and the first loan is free in each of these companies. In order to make it easier to find a product that meets your needs, we recommend checking the ranking of payday loans on the statement. Our comprehensive list includes all companies that offer quick loans without certificates. The ranking includes companies granting loans in the amounts from $ 100 to even $ 20 thousand and presents basic and detailed data on the best companies.
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Comments on payday loans on the statement

The easier the better :) It's good to hear that we have such possibilities nowadays.
Aneta 02-01-2020 12:21
If someone wants to take a payday loan, there is usually no time to deal with the formalities. Such a loan is to be granted quickly and efficiently, so a statement is a good option.
Magda October 12, 2019 12:50 PM
nobody likes making life difficult :-) it's good that it is enough to write a statement and we can take a payday loan. that's why many people prefer to choose this type of loan than a bank loan.
tommy 10-10-2019 11:11
As far as I know, such payday loans are quite beneficial for the client. It's worth thinking about it.
Katarzyna 07/21/2019 14:55
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