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Payday loans on the phone

Increased financial needs may arise in various situations and sometimes it is not about the inability to manage the home budget. In some situations, money is needed already and there is no time to fill out the application and wait for a loan decision. Such situations can be solved by payday loans over the phone . These loans are gaining more and more popularity lately, and the reason is very simple. Some people feel much safer when they talk about financial matters directly. When filling out the application, we do not have the opportunity to talk to another person, and payday loans on the phone already give this opportunity. This solution is most often chosen by elderly people, who are used to the fact that money is discussed directly. The possibility of taking a payday loan without completing the application is already a standard in many non-bank loan companies. This solution is not only very simple, but also takes less time than applying for a loan through a special form on the loan company's website.

Payday phone call - how does it work?

You can take a phone call on the same terms as an online loan for which we apply online. Payday loans are granted simply on the basis of a telephone conversation with a loan company consultant. Instead of filling out the application, you provide the consultant with all the information in a face-to-face interview and then wait for your application to be processed. Importantly, payday loans via the Internet and those on the phone do not require creditworthiness, which in practice means that in most cases such loans can be obtained even by unemployed and indebted people, including people in debt with a bailiff . During the telephone conversation, only the basic data is provided, and the set of these data is similar to the set of data provided on the payday loan application form. Opinions about payday loans on the phone are very positive, and this is because non-bank companies try to facilitate their clients' loan application procedures.
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Is it safe to take payday loans over the phone?

Taking a payday loan by phone is safe. The hotline you are calling is monitored and all calls are recorded. By selecting the number provided by the loan company, you can be sure that you will reach a competent consultant who will obtain from you a set of basic data necessary to conclude a loan agreement. The data provided to the consultant will be used only for the purpose of concluding the loan agreement and there is no fear that this data will be transferred to other entities. If it is necessary to transfer data to other entities, the customer is informed about it and must consent to it. Therefore, there is no concern that this form of applying for a loan is formally different from the rules adopted for loans requested in the forms.

Interview and submission of a loan application by phone

Taking a payday loan on the phone involves the need to provide basic data, and these data are name and surname, place of residence, mobile phone number, bank account number, PESEL number and ID card number. Consultants also ask for age confirmation, because both the minimum and maximum age of the borrower are assumed for online loans and loans over the phone. After determining all the details, the consultant informs about the cost of the loan over the phone as proof and asks for a scan of the ID card. In most cases, you also need to make a verification transfer, which will confirm that the given bank account number really belongs to the applicant, and then the consultant from the loan company issues a loan decision. In most cases, this decision is positive, although there are situations in which the loan company refuses to grant payday loans over the phone without bikes . Such a refusal is usually not related to the lack of creditworthiness, because it is not verified, but to failure to meet the minimum requirements for payday loans .
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Who are payday loans for?

Certainly, it is impossible to distinguish one group of people for whom payday loans are intended. All quick loans, both those for the phone and payday loans without transferring 1 penny, are dedicated to people who have financial needs that exceed their financial capabilities. As we mentioned earlier, this is not always the result of mismanaging money. In many cases, such a problem arises simply as a result of fate, for example, losing a job, being relegated to another job with a lower salary, or due to illness or a failure of a car or home equipment. Telephone loans without certificates are dedicated to both older people who want to talk directly to a consultant on the helpline, and younger people who care about time. Such quick loans also do not require internet access, so they can be taken by people who do not have contracts for the supply of internet or are unable to use it at the moment.
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Comments on payday loans on the phone

In the age of smartphones, why not? You have to make your life easier and procedures shortened.
Doman 04-06-2019 15:42
This is a really great opportunity. Especially when, for example, we are in a store, we want to buy something and we need money quickly! After all, not always the bank will allow us to take installments. One phone call here and it's ready.
Sarah May 31, 2019 5:27 PM
I took such a payday loan by phone and everything was ok. I sincerely recommend this solution.
Tadeusz May 27, 2019 6:10 PM
the more it is easier, of course, the better. it's good that there are such possibilities.
lidia k April 23, 2019 19:35
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