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Loan Vu

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15.000$ for 30 days at max
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Loan Vu is a non-bank institution offering quick loans as proof and without any certificates. The company is focused on building good relations with customers, therefore it offers the highest quality of service and great flexibility. The company provides loans in the amounts from $ 500 to even $ 15,000, and the customer can freely choose the repayment time. The repayment can be made within 30 days, and in addition, it is possible to extend the repayment date by 7, 14 or even 30 days. Ultimately, the customer may have a maximum of 60 days to pay off, which distinguishes the Loan Vu offer from those of other loan companies. The first loan of up to $ 5,000 is completely free, which means that the customer does not incur absolutely no fees for taking out such a loan. Fees are charged only on the second loan. Of course, the promotion for new customers applies only to loans repaid on time. The Loan Vu offer is addressed to all people who need to borrow money safely and quickly for unexpected expenses.

Conditions necessary to receive a loan in Loan Vu

At Loan Vu , payday loans are granted as proof , i.e. loans that do not require an income certificate or guarantors. The loan is granted on the basis of the ID card itself. The customer does not have to guarantee any loan security. To apply for a loan at Loan Vu , you must register and log in to the website. Registration takes only a few moments, and after logging in, the customer fills out a loan application. On the main page of the website, the customer specifies the amount of his loan and its repayment date, and then clicks "Take a loan". The website takes it to the page where you must fill in the basic data needed to take the first payday loan for free (NOTE: The free loan promotion is no longer valid) - name and surname, PESEL number, number and series of ID card and e-mail address. It is also necessary to provide a phone number to which Loan Vu sends the activation code. Then you need to make a verification transfer in the amount of $ 0.01. The loan amount will be transferred to the account number from which the verification transfer was sent. Loan Vu applications are processed even in 3 minutes, and the money is usually transferred to clients' accounts on the same day or the next day. If the customer has an account in one of the banks cooperating with the company, the money can be transferred to his account even within 15 minutes. A loan may only be granted to a person:
  • aged 20 to 75 years;
  • with a mobile phone number;
  • having a personal bank account;
  • having full legal capacity;
  • living in Poland;
  • with a valid ID card.

Interest on payday loans in Loan Vu

The interest rate on payday loans in Loan Vu is 0% on the first loan. (NOTE: The free loan promotion is no longer available) . The second and subsequent loans have a favorable APRC - however, the higher the loan amount. The first loan promotion allows you to borrow money for free and without having to worry about repayment. Loan Vu tries to tailor its offer so that it is attractive for customers and completely safe. The company operates on the basis of applicable legal acts, including the Act on consumer credit, the Act on consumer rights, the Act on competition and consumer protection, the Act on the protection of personal data and complaint consideration by financial market entities, as well as on the basis of the Civil Code. Loan Vu is a proven and reliable company, which is confirmed by the opinions about Loan Vu . The customers of this company appreciate not only the possibility of taking the first loan for free, but also the fact that each subsequent loan is equally easy to pay off, and if necessary, its repayment time can be extended. Opinions about Loan Vu prove that a properly prepared loan offer is always very popular and appreciated by both new and regular customers. The ranking of payday loans online confirms that the loan in this company is really beneficial.

How to pay off a loan in Loan Vu?

Repayment of the loan taken out with Loan Vu is very simple. The company made sure that the repayment procedure was convenient for customers. To pay off the loan, simply make a transfer to one of Loan Vu 's bank accounts and enter "Loan repayment number (enter number)" in the transfer title. That's all. If you cannot pay off the loan on time, it can be extended. Payday loans online can be extended by 7, 14 or 30 days, and each such extension is additionally payable. You can only extend the first loan once. Information on the amount to be repaid and the repayment date can be found on the account on the website and in the contract that was sent to you to the e-mail address provided when creating the account. All formalities related to both borrowing money and subsequent repayment can be done online. Of course, you can pay off the loan earlier - you don't have to wait until the last day of the contract. However, remember about the timely repayment, because in the absence of payment on time, late payment interest may be charged.

Expert opinion

Loan Vu leads the quick loan rankings. This is due to the very good quality of the services offered. Loan Vu loans are primarily tailored to the needs of customers, and this is especially important in the dynamically changing market of financial products. Today, customers are looking for loans with the least requirements, and Loan Vu has an extremely clear offer of payday loans.

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Accurate details of the lender

Fincapital sp. Z oo
ul. Postępu 18B
02-676 Warsaw

Loan Vu customer service opening hours

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 22:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00

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Loan Vu.pl »
Representative example for the first loan: The one-time registration fee is $ 0.01. $ 1,300 loan for 30 days; The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) is 513.89%; total loan amount: $ 1,300; variable interest per annum: 7.2%; total cost of the loan: $ 209.10, including: Commission $ 201.41, Interest $ 7.69; duration of the contract: 30 days; total amount to be repaid: $ 1,509.10.
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Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Ratings: 20061
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Reviews on Loan Vu

I recommend Loan Vu, I took $ 2,000 for a new fridge and there were no problems
jowita recommends Jul 25, 2019 14:10
A company like a company. A loan like a loan. Nothing else can be written about them
Patrick recommends May 12, 2019 16:56
Great loan. I can confidently recommend the Loan Vu company. I got up to $ 3,000 for free without any problems, without any interest. I am satisfied with this solution.
Izabella recommends April 7, 2019 18:46
I do not recommend. I am not satisfied
Elżbieta does not recommend 03/28/2019 18:09
I heard from people that they were rather content with taking loans from finbao. Compared to other companies, they do not differ from the norm. Ha, the fact that they give out large loans can be a plus when choosing from a potential borrower. You have to adapt to the customer
the mouse recommends 03/10/2019 15:34
I didn't know this company before. I must admit that I was interested in their offer. Sometimes it happens that my husband and I take a payday loan because the current salary is never enough for larger expenses. However, we always remember to pay off the money on time.
Julka recommends 02/04/2019 17:28
If you know that you can pay off your loan, why not use it? Sometimes the real situation is difficult and it's hard to cope with living on salary.
Chloe recommends 02/01/2019 17:05
It all depends on whether we have a reasonable approach to life. Everyone can take a payday loan, but not everyone can return it. I had such a case in my family, eternal debt ... So you have to be careful.
Martyna recommends November 10, 2018 17:36
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