As if regular sweet corn weren’t bad enough, Brach’s offers a turkey dinner flavor


OK, 2020, now you’ve gone too far.

by Brach created a new sweet corn flavor: Turkey Dinner, which would be a sweet and savory mix.

From People magazine: The candy comes in six classic Thanksgiving flavors: green beans, roast turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots, sweet potato pie and stuffing. The candy pieces come in different colors that coordinate with the flavor (like green for green beans).

Brach’s website doesn’t list any places to buy the Thanksgiving “treat”, but some online shoppers say they find it at Walgreens.

If you find them, grab a random handful to chew on – it’ll be reminiscent of Violet Beauregarde’s scene in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” but without the explode like a blueberry to the dessert. (There’s no indication that the candy could turn you into a cranberry or pie shape if you aren’t already.)

Pop sugar notes that Brach’s hasn’t posted any information about the Thanksgiving surprise, and it’s not on the candy maker’s website.

Ultimately, it’s Pennsylvania’s fault. In the 1800s, George Renninger first designed it while working at Wunderlee Candy Company, based in Philadelphia. He called it chicken corn (not turkey). It was later renamed into Candy Corn.


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