Bank of Hawaii Foundation supports reforestation in Inalåhan | Silver

A $10,000 donation from the Bank of Hawaii Foundation enabled 70 volunteers to plant 200 trees in Inalåhan.

The reforestation project was carried out on August 20 by the Guam Restoration of Watersheds initiative, under the UOG Sea Grant program and in partnership with Guam Green Growth.

“It’s important for Bank of Hawaii to invest in the communities that have brought us to where we are today,” foundation president Momi Akimseu said in a press release. “So to celebrate our 125th anniversary, we are investing and working with local community organizations – like the University of Guam (GROW initiative) – to plant trees to restore and protect the natural resources and beauty of our island homes. .”

The newly planted trees will help prevent erosion and subsequent sedimentation on downstream coral reefs caused by poor land use practices.

“We are really happy to have the support of Bank of Hawaii to plant these very special trees, which will go a long way in creating and reforesting this area,” said Austin Shelton, director of the UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant. .

The GROW team will fertilize the trees quarterly and conduct site maintenance visits to control weeds and invasive species. Plus, each tree is connected to GPS tracking so volunteers can track the trees’ progress over the years and see their lasting contribution.

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