Can I get a loan without an ID card?


Banks require a number of conditions and formalities to be met when we apply for a loan. Some of them can be bothersome, so it’s no wonder we would like to simplify the procedures as much as possible. However, this is not always possible. So can we take out a loan without an ID card?

Why is an ID required for a loan?

Why is an ID required for a loan?

Why do banks require us to have an ID card when we want to take a loan? The answer to this question is not complicated. An identity card is a document confirming your identity, which is very important for loans. Where money is involved, it is important to be sure that there is no fraud. That is why it is important for the bank to confirm that the person whom the loan was granted is really who he claims to be and everything took place in accordance with applicable law.

Can an ID card be replaced?

Can an ID card be replaced?

All right, so an identity document is absolutely necessary for us to get a loan. But does it have to be an ID card? Can’t you confirm your identity by presenting some other document, such as a passport ? Pursuant to law, more specifically the Act of July 13, 2016 on passport documents, the passport is the document confirming the identity and citizenship of a natural person. So?

Unfortunately, if we count on the fact that the passport will be a sufficient confirmation of identity, we will face a severe profession. In the case of credit, this is not enough. In the application, we must provide the number of the ID card, its expiry date, and information about the authority that issued it to us. Therefore, you must also have current proof to be able to confirm this data.

Credit without an ID card – is it possible?

Yes, in some circumstances it is possible to take a loan without an ID card. However, this applies to special circumstances, especially when we take the loan again at the same bank. If the borrower has already incurred such a commitment in a given bank, the institution has already collected his personal data, so he does not have to ask for confirmation again.

This can be the case with the second, third and subsequent loans. However, if you decide to take out a loan in a given bank for the first time, there is no way out – the presentation of your ID card is a necessary condition.

What to do if we don’t have an ID card?

What to do if we don

Well, if we don’t have an ID card? It may happen that we lose it or it is stolen. Then what?

Well, in such a situation, the only way out is to get a new ID as soon as possible at the commune office or at the embassy, ​​if we’re just outside of the country . Only after obtaining new proof we will be able to get a loan.

It should also be remembered that if our evidence has been stolen, it should be reported to the police as soon as possible. And we should never take credit for proof when it was stolen from us.

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