Colton Underwood: What’s the net worth of the new “license”?


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And the rose goes to … Colton Underwood.

ABC announced Tuesday morning that the footballer turned philanthropist is the last star of The single person, the reality show where dozens of women fight, cry and compete for the heart of one man. Season 23 is scheduled to premiere in January with Underwood, 26, as the titular bachelor. The drama awaits us.

Underwood is no stranger to the Bachelor world – this year he qualified for the last four on The bachelorette and spent several weeks on Baccalaureate in paradise. But as a former NFL player, he’s also not used to the glitz and glamor that will come with his new role.

Here’s what we know about Underwood’s money.

His NFL money

After playing college football for Illinois State University, Underwood joined the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders, according to the Bleacher report. He was on their practice teams, which meant he wasn’t on the main teams and didn’t play a regular NFL game.

On the Cape says Underwood’s most recent contract – with the Raiders in 2016 – was worth $ 450,000 – but only grossed $ 33,000 that year. Players usually earn a minimum $ 6,900 per week on a practice team. Over the Cap also reports that he was paid $ 88,200 in 2014 for his time on the Chargers.

“Are we lucky?” We play a sport and we get paid to play a sport we love ” 247 sports reported he said in 2016. “[Afterwards] you come back to reality and you have to make sure everything is aligned. “

His charity is quite successful

In 2015, the new Bachelor began on Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds for people with cystic fibrosis. Underwood’s cousin, Harper, has the genetic disease, so he has set himself a goal of financially supporting research efforts and covering the costs of equipment for patients. According to the foundation’s website, he has distributed nearly $ 100,000 over the past three years.

Most recent from the charity tax returns show that she received $ 28,226 in donations, grants and contributions in 2016, as well as $ 49,454 in program service revenue (money she got by billing for her services).

The foundation’s expenses totaled $ 42,211, most of which was related to a football camp and a gala dinner. Its net assets were $ 35,791.

Underwood, who is listed on Form 990 as president of the association, did not receive a salary. He works about 20 hours a week and is currently in the middle of the Heritage Project, in which it travels to all 50 states to deliver approximately $ 16,000 AffloVests for patients with cystic fibrosis.

He has already earned money from The single person

According to the blogger Reality Steve, competitors on The single person and The bachelorette don’t get paid, which means Underwood probably wasn’t compensated for his stint in Becca Kufrin’s season.

But that changed after he cried while talking about his virginity on the Bachelorette aftershow “Men say it all. His confession about how he struggles to deal with people’s “cheap hits” on his masculinity struck a chord with fans. When the episode aired, the women started ask for money of him on Venmo for causing “emotional damage” to them. After Underwood tweeted that he couldn’t pay them all, people started sending him money – over $ 1,200 in total.

He sworn to donate to a dog shelter.

Underwood also appeared on Baccalaureate in paradise, during which cast members receive a stipend – up to $ 15,000, as Reality Steve reported. As a “license” it could win up to $ 100,000. And this sum is almost certain to increase once the lucrative brand offers for Instagram, # ads are starting to pour in.

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