Hélène Boudreau illegally hiked Hawaii, says she may have a criminal record

“Daughter of UQAM”, artist / owner of an art boutique and creator of OnlyFans content, Hélène Boudreau is currently on a one-year trip around the world. Naturally, she documents it all on Instagram – which over the past few days has meant articles about a banned hike in Hawaii, getting lost in the woods and facing a criminal record.

In a series of stories posted to Instagram on December 23 and 24, Boudreau shared details of his mishap, which included a hefty fine, an altercation with a boar and possible jail time.

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“I am rude […] I got lost in the woods for six hours, there were security guards chasing me. There was a parked tank watching me, I crawled in the mud, I hid under a rock, all my pants are ripped […] There is a wild boar with a baby that came to attack me and I risk a $ 1,000 fine and jail time, ”Boudreau said, as he attempted to access the illegal 3,922-step hike. “Stairway to Heaven” in Oahu.

“And he’s the only one in the world.”

Hours later, Boudreau returned to Instagram with new stories, stating that she had indeed been fined.

“Well the police came over, I have a ticket and maybe a criminal record, but I’m really happy to make it out alive so I’m like, ‘Well, if I have a criminal record, my dream of living in the United States is dead. But other than that it’s like that. […] I’m just happy to be alive, gang, even though I have a ticket, a $ 1,000 ticket, and I’m going to court in January, ”Boudreau said.

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Boudreau added that she would “clearly” not be on her court date in January since the court is in Hawaii, which she says means she will end up with a criminal record.

She went on to explain that she would post a video on YouTube with more information. She concluded by explaining why she was fined and why she has to appear in court:

“Everyone wants to know why I was fined (1000 USD) and I have to go to court, is because the hike I did is totally illegal. It has been illegal since the 1980s. , but on Instagram, it’s trendy and cool to do it […] It’s really hard to go right at the entrance to the stairs because of the many barriers and security guards. The legal part of this hike is one of the ten most difficult in the world. “

According to a New York Times article published in September, this hike may come to an end because “the mayor of Honolulu ordered the removal of the stairs, following a recommendation from the city council, due to concerns about safety, trespassing and the environment. “

Aside from the possible criminal record, torn clothes and everything in between, Boudreau told her supporters she had returned to her hotel safely that evening.

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