here’s what can happen. The Mediterranean is the second front of the crisis

the Mediterranean “Special surveillance”: the new cold war between Russia And Not it also passes in front of the coasts of the Sicily with the ships of the Russian fleet and the attack group of the American aircraft carrier Harry Truman. These are naval exercises, it has been announced, but concerns about what is happening between Ukraine and Moscow are growing. The Defense Staff reassured that “the formation transits international waters and does not violate the sovereignty of the bordering states”, and added that NATO continues to follow the navigation of the naval group since the departure , excluding “escalation behavior or intent”. “on behalf of the Alliance and Russian naval training. “The situation we face in Europe is dangerous and urgent and the stakes for Ukraine, and for every UN member state, could not be higher. Moscow’s actions touched the heart of the Charter of the United Nations and they pose a clear threat to peace and security”, bluntly accused the American ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, explaining that “now is the time for a public debate”.

Ukraine, confrontation at the UN. Russian ships in front of Italy

The Voyage of the Six Ships

The entire voyage of the six units which began on January 15 was followed by a relay of Western vehicles: first an American cruiser; French and British took turns Handle; then a Portuguese Orion aircraft entered the scene; then Spanish and French frigates at the entrance to the Mediterranean. It is now the turn of a German fighter, not far from Lampedusa. The planes of the Atlantic Alliance left to patrol everywhere in the Mediterranean at the heart of the “hunting” of the units of the Northern Fleet. The naval team is most likely heading towards the Black Sea, although it is possible that it will stop in the Eastern Mediterranean, also taking into account the conventions that regulate the passage of the Bosphorus.

I am six Russian ships who move in the sea in front of the Sicily and to Calabria: Project 775 class amphibious warships Ropucha Olenegorskiy Gornyak and Georgiy Pobedonosets and Ivan Gren class landing ship Project 11711 Pyotr Morgunov: the latter is brand new – commissioned in 2020 – and is taking part in large-scale exercises for the first time. The vessels are patrolled by a Spanish Navy Meteoro-class offshore patrol vessel and at least one US Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft. Other warships expected to participate are the Slava Varyag-class cruiser, the Udaloy-class destroyer Admiral Tributes and the Pacific Fleet tanker Boris Butoma. The Vishnya-class intelligence-gathering vessel Vasiliy Tatishchev also entered the Mediterranean last week via the Strait of Gibraltar, and its destination is unclear. However, these are ships built to bring tanks and infantry directly onto the beach: they are capable of creating a beachhead with 60 tanks and 1,500 marines.

The exercises and what can happen

In addition to the Russian fleet near the Strait of Sicily, exercises of the Atlantic Alliance “Neptune Strike 2022” are currently taking place. Maneuvers planned for some time but which come at a time of extreme tension between Moscow and the Western bloc. They take place in the open Ionian Sea and in the eastern Mediterranean.

Atlantic and United States intelligence fear that these ships are the prelude to a landing of Russian forces near Crimea, Moscow’s bridgehead in the heart of Ukrainian territory. The hypothesis has been examined by several analysts, who fear that the deployment of troops on the eastern border of Ukraine and in Belarus could be a diversion for a possible operation in the South.

Born on alert

NATO is on high alert. The forces of all countries involved in this movement of Russian ships have pledged to closely observe the movements of Kremlin units and understand what they will be able to do and where they will be stationed. In the last 24 hours, as Itamilradar writes, patrol planes have already taken off from Sigonella to establish visual contact with the flotilla and now one wonders if Russia is setting up yet another bluff to confuse the forces of the NATO and put pressure on Kiev and Washington.

The Mediterranean is the second front of the Ukrainian crisis

The Mediterranean therefore becomes a second front in the Ukrainian crisis, as Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also pointed out in an interview with Fox News. Two days ago, a satellite photographed other reinforcements, even arriving from the Pacific: the powerful cruiser Varyag, accompanied by a frigate and a supply ship. They set sail for Suez to navigate the waters between Syria and Cyprus. And it is in this area that the assembly point of a large Russian fleet is planned, the likes of which have not been seen for decades. In a week, there will be the Baltic landing team, the Red Sea moving one and the other forces stationed in the Syrian port of Tartous: one fighter, four frigates, three attack submarines.

Ukraine and Russia, the “exit ramp” between the obstacles of diplomacy and the risk of war

NATO controls. The UN Security Council voted to hold a meeting on Ukraine. Albania, Brazil, Ghana, France, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates voted in favour. Opposites: China and Russia. Abstained: India, Kenya, Gabon. The meeting will take place on February 18, when the United States sends its diplomats from Ukraine and also from Belarus.

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