I saw the next two episodes of season 10 of “The Walking Dead”



Well, The Walking Dead is set to return in just under a week for a set of six rather unusual episodes that serve as a new kind of ending for Season 10, ahead of the series’ 11th and final expanded season (before it turns into spin-offs).

These six episodes were filmed during the delicate quarantine / pandemic period, using these filming restrictions, and primarily serve to fill in some gaps for past events. I’ve seen the first two of these episodes, the first focused on Maggie, the second on Daryl, and I can make a comeback cowardly thoughts on what I saw. I can’t really talk too much about it due to some restrictions so excuse me for being vague.

Season 10 Episode 17 Home Sweet Home

So, I thought we could have a full flashback episode for Maggie and where she’s been, but that’s not how it goes. This episode begins with a meeting between Maggie and Negan, which AMC exalted a bit, but it lasts two seconds and it’s clear there will be more to come. Maggie later recounts how she told her son Herschel that the “bad man” who killed his father got what he deserved, but now she has returned to find Negan a free man and acting like a member of the family. .

While this isn’t a flashback episode about where Maggie was, it still fills those gaps. We learn that she separated from Georgie and ended up finding a new community. But then they were attacked by a new group called the Reapers, and killed and dispersed. There are only a handful of people left from Maggie’s old community, including the guy in the iron mask. We see who’s under that mask this episode and learn a little bit more about them, and I’ll say that’s definitely not what I expected from the character.

The episode ends with a frantic search for Herschel as Maggie returns to find her safe house set on fire, meaning the Reapers have found them. I won’t go into what happens at the very end of it all, but suffice to say I’m very curious about the Reapers, and wonder if they’re going to be a bunch of bad guys. for at least that six-episode mini stretch, if not a factor in Season 11 (although you imagine the Commonwealth will be absorbing most of the oxygen there). Overall I thought it was a pretty solid episode.

Season 10 Episode 18 – Find Me

Okay now this one is a flashback episode, the one where we see Daryl literally living in the woods for years after Rick supposedly blows up on the bridge, as Daryl tries to find him, or at least his corpse. Guess I didn’t realize Daryl had been separated from the group for so long, but it turns out he wasn’t alone.

This is a near-origin story for Dog, whom Daryl meets as a puppy, but who over the years sees him grow up. It turns out that Dog is owned by a woman who lives in a nearby cabin, Leah, who is initially suspicious of Daryl, but is ultimately the only other person he sees in the woods besides Carol who comes to visit him. There’s more to say about Leah, but I’ll have to wait on this. And I’m going to have to wait to explain why I didn’t really like this episode, because it falls into the realm of spoilers.

We kind of got a glimpse of what a Daryl / Carol spinoff would look like, which was planned after The Walking Dead itself ended. Obviously, they’ve had chemistry, forever, and I imagine it’ll be a good time. They’re a bit at each other’s throats for much of this particular episode, however, with Daryl in particular throwing brutal (verbal) punches at her.

I will have more to say about these episodes once they air because it is a lot more to say, but that’s all I can really discuss now. I’m certainly looking forward to the full bundle, and that should help us until the show itself returns for a proper season.

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