Lady Gaga completely dominates the dance list with her new album


Early in her career, Lady Gaga proved to be not only a pop star, but one of the most successful dance and electronics artists in US history. This week, it further strengthens that status with its latest version, which absolutely dominates Billboard‘s Hot Dance / Electronic Songs chart.

13 of 16 songs from Gaga’s new album Chromatic find their way to the Hot Dance / Electronic Songs charts this week. The other three that didn’t make room are short instrumental tracks, so it’s no surprise that they didn’t end up being fan favorites or bestsellers.

Leading the pack for the second week in a row is the Ariana Grande “Rain on Me” collaboration, which has now passed two images to the top of the Hot Dance / Electronic Songs charts. Gaga claimed two more places in the top five, while “Sour Candy” with Blackpink and “Stupid Love” reached No. 3 and 4 respectively.

Lower, but still in the top 10, the new “Alice” and “911” cups debut at # 7 and 10, respectively, meaning Gaga controls half of the top tally this time around. .

All of Gaga’s other new placements on the Hot Dance / Electronic Songs charts are in the top 20, with “1000 Doves,” opening at No.18, finishing as the lowest of the bunch.

Incredibly, before starting to promote this new album, Gaga had only landed a trio of the top 10 hits of the Hot Dance / Electronic Songs charts, with her previous hits “Applause”, “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance” passing. all of the time indoors. The area. Now that sum has increased to eight thanks to the five top 10s Chromatic spun.

It’s also worth noting that Gaga’s new feature film, which itself debuts at No.1 on the Best Dance / Electronic Albums list, produced two of the singer’s three career leaders on the Hot charts. Dance / Electronic Songs, as “Stupid Love” and “Rain on Me” made their way to the top of the count.

In addition to Blackpink and Grande, Elton John also joins Gaga on the Hot Dance / Electronic Songs roster this week, as the two worked on the cut album “Sine From Above”, which begins its time on the roster at # 14. Surprisingly, the song is John’s first to appear on the charts.

Here’s a look at where all of Lady Gaga’s 13 current hits land on this week’s Hot Dance / Electronic Songs chart.

# 1 – “Rain on Me (ft. Ariana Grande)”

# 3 – “Sour Candy (ft. Blackpink)”

N ° 4 – “Stupid love”

N ° 7 – “Alice”

N ° 10 – “911”

N ° 11 – “Free Woman”

N ° 12 – “Have fun tonight”

N ° 13 – “Enigma”

# 14 – “Sine From Above (ft. Elton John)”

N ° 15 – “Plastic doll”

N ° 16 – “Replay”

N ° 17 – “Babylon”

N ° 18 – “1000 Colombes”

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