Loan without income certificates – who grants it and on what terms?


A loan without earnings certificates is a way to quickly get extra money. Online loan companies offer it. For the lender, the income we receive is important, not the source. It is worth remembering that and stating in the statement of earnings also include scholarship or alimony.

Loan without income certificates – does it exist?

Loan without income certificates - does it exist?

The financial market offers various types of loans. These are both loans without a loan and loans without an income certificate. When reaching for such a loan, the lender will ask you to indicate the total amount of income, but you will not have to provide documents that will confirm this. If there is a need to check our credibility, the lender will contact our employer and verify the information we provide. Remember that the income statement should include income from all sources from which we receive it. The source of income can be:

  • contract of employment;
  • mandate contract;
  • contract work;
  • own business;
  • farm
  • pension;
  • scholarship;
  • contract, eg maritime;
  • apartment rental;
  • maintenance;
  • family and social benefits.

The income we receive from various sources is very important for the lender. It helps to determine our solvency. The loan decision depends mainly on him.

Borrower’s creditworthiness – how is it determined?


When reaching for a loan without an income certificate, we must bear in mind that our creditworthiness will be determined on the basis of other parameters. In addition to the income for the lender, registers of debtors are important. Databases registering the debt of individuals or companies will tell if a given client has repaid or repays the loan on time. The BIK and KRD bases are most often taken into account.

They are sufficient to determine if the client is reliable and solvent. The following services are also used to confirm positive creditworthiness. They can be used from a computer, tablet or telephone. They provide the lender with real-time information about our payments, which is why the loan granting procedure without income certificates can be carried out even faster. Sometimes, our creditworthiness is not sufficient to reach for a loan without certificates. Despite this, the financial institution wants to grant us a loan.

In this situation, we may be asked to indicate a girrant, i.e. a person confirming our solvency. The guarantor undertakes to repay the loan for us if we are unable to do it ourselves. The second way to secure your finances against a bad credit history is to insure them. Credit insurance is payable. Reaching for it, we guarantee to ourselves and our loved ones that if the loan cannot be repaid, the debt will be settled from the funds collected for this purpose. Thanks to such different ways of verifying the credibility of clients, lenders can fearlessly grant loans without earnings statements to the applicant.

Car loan and collateral against certificates – on what terms?

Car loan and collateral against certificates - on what terms?

A loan without income certificates is a desirable product on the financial market. Lite lender is one of the companies that offers car loans and collateral against certificates. The lender provides its services based on a minimum of formalities, which is why we can complete the entire application process for additional money without leaving your home. What’s more, it only takes 3 minutes to complete the application. People from 21 to 70 years old can apply for a loan from this lender. The money can be used to buy a car on the secondary market or for any purpose with a car loan.

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