“New Mutants” is the worst “X-Men” movie of all time



Revolutionary (so inconsistent) Fox (and now Disney) X Men franchise deserved a better start than this nothing-burger of a movie.

Note: I’m not going to lecture you about going to movie theaters, since we’re all adults. But I’ll note that I saw this at a drive-through late last night, and Disney reports that the movie won $ 750,000 in previews. Even scoring 62% of national capacity, this would still have represented around $ 1.25 million in gross preview revenue in 100% of the country, which (using plausible comparisons) would have represented an inclusive opening. between $ 13 and $ 21 million for the weekend. For now, we could expect debuts between $ 7 million and $ 13 million between Friday and Sunday.

Aside from the circumstances of its release, both in terms of a delay of more than two years (mainly due to shenanigans linked to Disney

buying Fox in mid-2019) and being the first ‘major’ studio release fell into a nationwide theatrical release after months of pandemic-related theater closures, The new mutants is a miserable movie. It’s a monotonous, redundant, and irrelevant fantasy film that doesn’t commit to being a teen melodrama, YA fantasy, or horror flick, instead offering half-silly components of the three. Despite a solid cast, the all too rare presence of an LGBTQIA romance between two main characters and a few moments of visual inventiveness, Josh Boone and Knate Lee The new mutants comes down to being, yes, a terrible feature-length prequel to a sequel that no one will ever want to see.

The film is about five teenagers who reside in an abandoned hospital run by Dr Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga). Long story short, these are all mutants with unusually dangerous powers who have unintentional (or, in one case, intentionally legitimate) blood on their hands and are under surveillance until they learn to control their powers. Dani Moonstar (Blu Hunt) enters the fray after her entire reservation is wiped off the map in the film’s cryptic prologue, and while she doesn’t yet know what her mutant power is, she is seen as a danger to them. others. As Dani struggles to figure out what she can and cannot do, while romantically bonding with persecuted high school girl Rahne Sinclair (Maisie Williams), the teens begin to experience terrifying visions tied to their own traumas. respective. But all is not as it seems.

The film is set in the universe of Fox X Men series, although this franchise’s haphazard continuity negates a lot of interconnectivity. There are, at best, a few verbal references to the X-Men and a fleeting non-verbal reference to Charles Xavier, a character who still runs the Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters (X-Men: Days of Future Past) or left school to Hank McCoy after his attempts to control Jean Gray went awry (Dark phoenix). Either way, they’re not exactly flagship characters, and no one is wearing anything that looks like a comic book costume, so the film needs to stand on its own as a spin-off that just takes place in an existing universe. While the film can be praised for being a full-fledged genre approximation, it still goes as planned in terms of comic book superhero expectations.

Due to the franchise’s obvious aspirations, we have five main characters who all receive introductions, sequences where they show off their powers, scenes where they expose their respective traumatic “origin stories”, and sets where they push back visions. haunted. Yep, that’s a lot of legwork for a 90 minute movie. Monotony and redundancy resemble This, who also spent much of his runtime with somewhat self-contained streaks of his invincible main cast attacked by specifically tailored terrors. This movie at least had more than self-contained spooky sequences and didn’t take place entirely in one visually dull indoor location. Considering that Fox would have asked for covers first after This made $ 700 million in the world, it’s ironic that New mutants (basically what Boone shot in 2017) has it all Thisweakness and none of its strengths.

Anya Taylor-Joy makes a compelling Illyana Rasputin, presented as a victim of child enslavement (and presumably rape) and she cuts a striking action figure in the film’s fantastical climax. None of the other kids (including Henry Zaga’s Roberto da Costa and Charlie Heaton’s Sam Guthrie), who have all done a good job elsewhere, make an impression. Braga barely allows her voice to rise above a whisper. With the exception of the fleeting past tense cameos, these six are the only characters in the film. The 90 minute film is about these five young people going through a heroic standard TV pilot style awakening with the presumption that they will be the big name characters / heroes fans wanted to see in the next film. Considering Dark phoenixfailure and Disney’s alleged intention to reboot X Men in the existing MCU, this path is particularly cruel.

Lacking outstanding characters and existing as a feature film prologue, The new mutants fails as a teenage melodrama and, in part because we know none of the main actors are in danger, as a horror movie. That it is justified as X Men the movie doesn’t matter because it’s a really bad X Men film, the worst of the franchise. At least X-Men Origins: Wolverine had multiple locations, multiple characters, and full-scale comic book action that looked like a trashy 1980s Cannon movie. New mutantsThe visuals are generally dull, and the few moments of fantastic color light up the screen. All credit for an inclusive cast and foreground homosexual romance, and with a note that Boone’s The fault of our stars was one of the best movies of 2014, The new mutants It’s like watching a lousy TV pilot for a show you know didn’t get.


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