Officials warn the public of crooks using Hawaii phone numbers to spoof identity and collect money


HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Department of the Attorney General has warned the public about “identity theft” that uses the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center’s main phone number: (808) 587-3100.

If someone receives a call from (808) 587-3100 and is asked to provide private information or money, officials have said to hang up immediately.

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According to the Federal Communications Commission, “identity theft” occurs when a caller tampers with information that is transferred to caller ID screens in order to conceal their identity.

These crooks can use neighborhood spoofing to make it look like a call is from a local number, officials said. They can also spoof a number from a well-known and trusted business or government agency.

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Officials have reported that no law enforcement agency will contact people asking for money or sensitive information over the phone. Personal information – including account numbers, social security numbers, passwords or other identifying information – should never be disclosed, officials said.

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