PGS supports gas exploration off Cyprus

Overseas staff

Oslo, Norway — PGS unveiled its new Cyprus Vision offering, covering most of the discoveries and exploration wells to date offshore Cyprus.

The most recent Cronos-1 gas discovery, drilled by Eni and TotalEnergies in Block 6, confirms the prolific presence of pre-salt Miocene-Cretaceous carbonates in the region, the company said, following earlier discoveries by Calypso and Glaucus. .

The Cronos-1 well encountered various intervals of good quality carbonate reservoirs with an overall net gas production of over 260 m. Early estimates suggest around 2.5 Tcf in place, with a significant upside. Another exploration well (Zeus-1) is being drilled on the block.

According to PGS, Cyprus Vision benefits from high-speed 3D GeoStreamer quality which should provide additional information and help determine analogues on other blocks in the region.

Cyprus Vision 3D GeoStreamer

According to PGS, modern seismic data over approximately 20,000 km2 is a crucial tool for exploring offshore Cyprus.

The project consists of phase 1 and phase 2. Phase 1 consists of 14,750 km2 of modern PSDM reprocessed data. Phase 2 includes 6,000 km2 of modern and refreshed KPSDM data. The final reprocessed volume will be delivered on a common grid.

Several commercial gas discoveries have been made in the eastern Mediterranean in recent years, including Zohr, Calypso and Glaucus. There is also the possibility of Miocene pre-salt sand reservoirs.

The final restated PSDM deliverables for phase 1 are available. The full volume of Cyprus Vision restated, delivered on a common grid, will be available in the first quarter of 2023.


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