Possible bills propose cash reward for people who report illegal fireworks in Hawaii, tougher penalties

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Lawmakers hope to crack down on illegal fireworks in Hawaii. The House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce will meet to hear and discuss seven bills related to this issue.

One bill aims to increase fines for fireworks-related violations and another will require each county to offer a cash reward to people who report illegal fireworks.

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The meeting will take place on Friday 4 February.

“I’m not sure there’s a magic panacea, which is why I think the house is determined to pursue many strategies and see what happens in the end,” rep Aaron Ling Johanson said. , (D), Chairman of the Committee for Consumer Defense and Commerce.

“I think the problem continues to spiral out of control because people perceive there are no consequences.”

Representative Aaron Ling Johanson, (D), Chairman of the Committee for Consumer Protection and Trade

Here is a list of all the bills the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce will hear and consider:

  • HB2273 – Certain violations of fireworks control law will also become a violation of noise control rules under Hawaii’s noise pollution laws, which will be subject to civil penalties and citations. Funds for an inspector position with the Hawaii Department of Health and a contract for a security company to assist will be established.
  • HB2275 — A rapid arbitration system will be put in place to deal with fireworks violations in the same way as traffic violations.
  • HB1695 — The maximum fine for fireworks offenses will increase from $2,000 to $5,000.
  • HB1696 — The fireworks permit fee will be increased from $110 to $300.
  • HB2502 – Any person – other than an officer, state employee, or local government entity – can create a “civil cause of action” for violation of the Fireworks Control Act.
  • HB1969 – Mandates that each county offer a monetary reward to people who report the use of illegal fireworks.
  • HB1604 – The 2022 Illegal Fireworks Task Force within the Department of the Attorney General will be created to create a plan to prevent the importation of illegal fireworks and explosives into Hawaii. This task force will also ensure that airports, ports and other facilities are safe and protected from illegal fireworks and explosives.

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