Qatar Airways lays off pilot and claims $ 162,000



Qatar Airways is currently in the process of downsize, as the airline begins to send termination notices flight attendants and pilots. Well there is a story of a Qatar Airways pilot going viral, although that might not be as outrageous as it sounds.

Qatar Airways demands $ 162,000 from licensed pilot

There is a letter circulating about a Qatar Airways pilot who was made redundant. Her services were terminated on May 7 and she will receive seven days pay instead of the notice period, in accordance with contractual conditions.

In addition, she is told that she will have to pay 591,091 QAR to the company, which equates to 162,343 USD. This is in line with the scholarship program agreement signed in October 2013, as she received her commercial pilot training with the airline, and they want to be reimbursed for it.

Obviously, this sounds absolutely terrible. Not only do they fire a pilot, but they also charge him ~ $ 162,000?

I have seen outrage on the internet, people saying they would never fly with Qatar Airways again, and pointing out how disgusting it is, how Qatar Airways treats foreigners and how people feel. ask if this would have happened to a man.

When I first saw this story, I was also worried that it was as bad as it sounded, but it looks like there might be more to the story.

What we know about the licensed pilot

The first interesting fact here is that the pilot in question was in fact a Qatari national. The Qatar Airways scholarship program is exclusively available to ‘locals’, and as anyone familiar with the area will know, locals receive special treatment.

The licensed pilot had shared this story directly on Twitter, even tagging the Emir and the Prime Minister of Qatar.

The Tweet mentions that the pilot wants an investigation and that no disciplinary reason has been given for the dismissal.

So what really happened? There are two sides to every story, and it’s hard to understand where exactly the truth is.

The other side of the story here is that the pilot has spent the past six years taking a two-year training course, and still hasn’t passed any of the tests required to become a pilot. The airline got fed up, and since they are laying off pilots anyway and trying to cut costs, they also decided to terminate their contract with them at this point.

At the end of the line

While Qatar Airways sacking a pilot and making him pay $ 162,000 seems outrageous, I don’t think we should attack the airline without knowing more.

At a minimum, there is more to this story than it seems. The pilot in question was a local, and as anyone familiar with employment in the Middle East knows, there are a lot of privileges in being a local.

So on the specter of Middle East jobs scandals, I’m not convinced this one necessarily ranks that high …


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