Regional leaders celebrate Father’s Day

Across the Caribbean, leaders celebrate the influential men in their lives, as well as the blessing of becoming a father and, in a few cases, a grandfather.

Former Miss World and Jamaican MP Lisa Hanna remembers her father, Rene, who died 18 years ago for his generous spirit and home remedies.

My father was a simple man who believed that Listerine was the panacea for everything from dandruff to sore throats. ‘Gargle with Listerine’ he always said when he came with the bottle in his hand,” she wrote in a tribute on social media.

“It was my father. Never empty-handed if he saw you and always lending a hand when someone needed it – providing something, no matter how small. It was René Hanna – the humble farmer whose orange Lada van was his mainstay and whose happiness was a cup of coffee and seeing things grow. I miss him every day since he left 18 years ago. And I thank him for instilling my salt-of-the-earth character. Happy Father’s Day Dad. Thanks!”

His parliamentary colleague, Juliet Holness, who is the wife of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, also thanked her father, her husband and the men of Jamaica for their hard work and support.

“On Father’s Day, we pause to appreciate men of character, who bring certainty, security and leadership to their families. I am fortunate to celebrate two exemplary men in my life; my dear father and my dear husband Andrew,” she said.

“Today I also join you in celebrating all of Jamaica’s Great Fathers. We really can’t thank you enough. Happy Father’s Day!”

The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philip Pierre, said “’Daddy’ continues to be one of my favorite titles to this day.

“Thank you for all the wonderful lessons and joy you bring to my life,” he said in a message to his daughter.

“To all the fathers, our children and our country need us. May we honor this privilege that God has given us. Happy Father’s Day.”

Prime Minister Philip Pierre shared this throwback photo with his daughter to celebrate Father’s Day. Photo: Prime Minister Philip Pierre/Facebook

The Dominican Prime Minister thanked the men of the island for playing their part in providing future generations with a solid foundation on which to stand.

“Wishing a very happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in our nation. For the love, guidance and protection provided to your families, we salute you. May your day be filled with joy,” he said. commented.

Surinamese President Chandrikapersad Santokhi is spending Father’s Day with his two children and granddaughter.

He urged the men of the country to assume their role as fathers beyond just providing money.

“I was sunburned today by my children and my grandson. The role of the father is often seen as a financier, but I see the father as a cook, adviser, financier, supporter, an artist, a protector, a doctor, a psychiatrist, an agent and a leader Having someone available 24/7, even if your job doesn’t always offer that option easily, like in my case” , he wrote on social networks.

“Being a father is not a role that can be neglected or easily avoided on another. That’s why I stay in contact with my children every day, even if I don’t see them physically or talk to them. As the father of this beloved country Suriname, everyone has the right to contact me, just as my children call on me for all the roles listed My children Suriname is in my heart.

US Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan wrote on social media:Happy Father’s Day my brothers!!!! Enjoy your day but today I want to say hello to all the wonderful children who allow us to carry the title Father, Dad, Pops, Oldman aka The Bank! Thank you all for making every day worth living and for lighting our paths with those beautiful smiles. My two make my day every day! I know yours do the same for you!

Former T&T Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh has thanked his late father Ramjit for encouraging his children to dream bigger than their lowly circumstances.

“Getting an education has been the greatest privilege for children of my generation. We were poor and my beloved late father, Ramjit Gopeesingh, could not give me the luxury, but he gave me the gift of his love, which was far greater than any other gift I received in this life,” he said.

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell urged all the fathers of Granada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique not to abandon their children.

“Remember the importance of staying connected and interacting regularly with your children. Don’t underestimate the value of having simple conversations with children. Remember that even if you are not their biological father, you can be a positive influence in their life,” he said.

“I recently had the opportunity to meet this group of students and it was a very pleasant experience. They are very aware of what is going on around them and have asked many questions, not only about Grenada, but about global developments. So I encourage you today, let’s do our part as fathers for the children of this nation.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads, father figures and future dads!

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