Republic Group once again wins first prize for corporate governance

For a second year, the République Group has been appointed Best “financial services” corporate governance institution in the Caribbean by Ethical Boardroom.

Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) received this award for the first time in 2019, demonstrating that the Group continues to set the tone for good governance by adopting measures that raise the level of awareness and practices in the organization that stimulate value creation and long term. growth over time.

Ethical Boardroom, a London-based magazine and website known for its critically acclaimed analysis of global governance issues, published the award in its December 2021 magazine.

This honor recognizes that RFHL is an industry leader in the adoption and execution of best practices in corporate governance.

Commenting on the award, RFHL President and CEO Nigel Baptiste said, “This award recognizes our commitment to excellence, accountability, fairness and transparency in all interactions with our stakeholders.

“It also demonstrates the Group’s professionalism, ethical behavior and adherence to global best practices and standards, all of which can be attributed to the collaboration of management and staff. “

This award follows an exceptional year for the Group, which has been heavily involved in climate finance while being a driving force for a sustainable future in the region.

The Republic Group adhered to the Principles of Responsible Banking (PRB) in 2020; the first signatory in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Among the notable projects in which the Group was involved: the Entrepreneurs Business Builder (EBB) program for women and the partnership with the Ministry of Education and for the “Adopt-A-School” program where tablets and laptops were distributed to schools / children to facilitate online learning

Subsequently, the Group joined the Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), a global agreement in which financial institutions commit to having net zero carbon emissions by 2050. As part of the NZBA, the Group has also pledged US $ 200 million to climate finance initiatives.

In November 2021, Republic Group and New Energy hosted the first Caribbean Summit on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and Climate Finance with the aim of bringing together Caribbean borrowers, lenders and investors and act as a catalyst in the creation of new financing. ecosystem.

The Republic Group is honored to be awarded such a prestigious award and will continue in all our efforts towards a better future.

The full list of winners can be viewed here: (RP)

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