The 1st National Bank hosts the 5th Annual Stanley French Conference

The 1st National Bank of Saint Lucia is hosting its 5th Stanley French Education Forum on Saturday (December 4); Today’s conference theme: History and Governance is presented by Dr Velda Henry, Deputy Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), and Dr Winston Phulgence, Lecturer in History at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and director of the Archaeological and Historical Society of Saint Lucia (A&H). The two presenters are expected to examine the history of banking and the history of governance of financial institutions in the Caribbean.

The island’s first indigenous bank has been organizing the annual conferences since 2017, every year, addressing topics of national, regional and international banking interest for discussion among shareholders, directors, clients and other stakeholders.
The first talk, “De-Risking”, was presented by Johnathan Johannes, then managing director, and Clarette Auguste-Taylor, executive director of the bank in charge of risks, compliance, collections and securities.

2019 was an interesting conference topic: “The Banking and the Marijuana Industry Its Implications, Challenges and Opportunities for Banks”, at a time when North America had legalized the marijuana industry. The presenters were Johannes and Auguste-Taylor, and Henri-Jacques Mangal, then secretary general and legal adviser.

The final topic of the conference was “Digital currency and its impact on the Eastern Caribbean Monetary Union (ECCU)” presented by Stephen Phillips, vice president of special projects of Bit Inc, based in Barbados, who explained the implications for Caribbean banks in the digital age. currencies, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The annual Stanley French conferences of the 1st National aim to take advantage of the expertise of regional and local experts to inform stakeholders about the issues of the day and demystify new banking models and concepts in the era of tele-banking and banking. visionary planning.
The 2021 conference on “Our history and our governance” takes place at the Center Administratif des Finances de la Pointe Séraphine from 9h to 12h.

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