The bitterest clashes in the first Trump-Biden showdown


Trump returned to a basic law and order speech by answering a question about the violence that erupted in cities across the country this summer.

If Biden is elected, Trump said: “Our suburbs would be gone and you would see problems like you’ve never seen.”

The president has in recent months said it protects American suburbs from social housing, in what the New York Times called a “false image of the suburbs besieged and ravaged by crime”.

Biden accused the president of using “dog whistles and racism” when citing the suburbs.

“You would never know a suburb unless you took the wrong road. I was raised in the suburbs, ”Biden said. “It’s not 1950.”

He also touched on climate change, saying that and Covid-19 are the real threats to the suburbs.

“They are inundated, they are burnt because of his refusal to do anything. That’s why the suburbs are in trouble, ”Biden said.

Biden and Trump swap beards over racial justice

Biden and Trump have become entangled over their racial injustice files, each criticizing past events.

Biden criticized Trump for calling a group of white supremacists in Virginia “very good people” in 2017 and for using tear gas on protesters this summer after George Floyd’s death.

“He’s a president who used everything like a dog whistle to try to generate racist hatred, a racist divide,” Biden said. “You talk about helping African Americans. One in 1,000 African Americans has been killed from the coronavirus. ”

Trump also criticized Biden for calling criminals “super predators” while working on the Crime Bill in 1994.

“You called them super predators, African Americans, super predators. And they never forgot it, ”Trump said. “You have treated the black community about as badly as anyone in this country.”

Trump has touted the support and endorsements he has received from law enforcement and military leaders. Biden was also recently endorsed by nearly 500 national security leaders, including two senior officers who served under Trump.

Biden called Trump “Putin’s puppy”

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