The community comes together to send the beloved bus driver on a dream vacation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) — For 24 years, Shreevie Kenner has gone above and beyond to bring smiles to the kids on her bus line.

From her creative Halloween costumes to the little Christmas presents she buys for children every year…she is well known and loved.

“That’s why I keep working, because I would hate to quit and I love them so much… So I haven’t retired yet,” Kenner said with a smile on his face.

But Shreevie’s life came with difficult obstacles to overcome. Years ago, she lost her only child at age 7. His daughter Brittany died of bone cancer, Ewings sarcoma.

“They’re taking that hurt away from my daughter,” Kenner said of the elementary kids she adores and drives to school.

Fast forward to 2020. Kenner had been saving money to visit a former colleague and longtime friend who retired to Hawaii, but Kenner’s husband died suddenly of COVID-19. Medical bills and funeral expenses depleted Kenner’s savings, so she canceled her trip to Hawaii.

“My husband had wanted me to go, and I thought it would be on my to-do list one day…” she said.

Jump forward to March 2022, and another bus driver, Joan Cooper, remembered Kenner’s canceled trip to Hawaii. Rather than let the dream vacation remain a hope for the future, Cooper felt she could make it a reality. She started a Go Fund Me with a goal of $1,000 to pay for Kenner’s plane ticket to Hawaii.

“The money just started rolling in,” Cooper said. In just two hours, the page far exceeded its goal. When last checked on March 25, Page donations were more than double that goal.

“I’m just overwhelmed because all these people love me,” Kenner said. Many parents of students made a donation, as well as several colleagues.

His trip is booked for June.

“She can’t believe she’s actually going,” Cooper said. “I’m amazed…I’m just a normal person who loves kids and trying to make their day happy,” Kenner said.

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