Turkey among holiday foods that could be harmful to your pets


EAST GRANBY, Connecticut (WWLP) – Thanksgiving and other holidays can be a time to treat yourself, but for man’s best friend, waiting for leftovers at the table can be bad for your dog’s health.

Eric Kessler, owner of Kessler Kennel Farm in East Granby, said a dog’s change in behavior could indicate he ate something wrong.

“They walk hunched over because they feel pain in the abdomen, and they walk very tenderly, almost like they’re protecting their stomach,” Kessler said. “If they go to bed and can’t get up, that’s when you go into more advanced stages.”

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, eating turkey or turkey skin could cause a potentially fatal disease in dogs known as pancreatitis. Fat residue, fatty foods, bones, and foods with seasonings like onion and garlic can also damage your dog’s digestive system.

Other foods to avoid giving your pet are alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate. If you still want to treat your dog with a special treat while on vacation, be sure to talk to your vet and know your dog’s health history to find the right treat for their diet.

“I don’t like giving him anything other than his food,” said Arden D’Amours, dog owner and worker at Kessler Kennel Farm. “Because I think it’s the healthiest thing for her.”

It’s also a good idea to put away the trash after your vacation meal when your dog can’t find any leftovers. Make sure it is in a secure garbage bag in a closed container outside or behind a closed and locked door.

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